Our Enterprise Solutions

Why us? Because we understand banking.

Gone are the days when people have to rush to the banks to avail banking services. With finest technological advancements, we can now reach out to all banking services at the click of a button. And we excel in providing the exact exquisite banking solutions for you. TechJini helps you deepen your relationship with your customers by providing digital solutions for easy and secure access to the banking services.
We tailor unique banking solutions to cater various needs of the banking industry. We partner with banks to help them bring in greater efficiencies to their systems and deliver customized experiences to their users.

Applications that save lives

We at TechJini leverage the power of newest digital technologies like IoT, analytics, wearables, cloud, etc., to build mission critical solutions for healthcare organizations. We offer a growing suite of healthcare management services that assist hospitals and related organizations to increase patient flow, increase revenue, and improve treatment outcomes.We enable the organizations to discover the latest models in the marketplace to always be a step ahead of the game with excellence as a priority.



We design creative automotive solutions for you

Being the leaders in digital innovation, we build sound strategies to accommodate various needs of the automobile industry. The solutions range from building next-gen automobiles to creating enhanced driving experiences.
We help you deliver splendid experiences to your customers by providing solutions forEntertainment – Help you download media, connect mobile devices and social media apps or location-based information.Driving – We craft solutions that create pleasant driving experiences to the customers. We direct routes, estimate and advice traffic-flow, suggest best routes, hybrid navigation, etc.,Vehicle Care – We help you establish a continuous support system that assists customers through service alerts and reminders, vehicle diagnosis, and breakdown warning.

We provide PHARMA solutions for you

Pharma industry has quickly adapted to the changing demands of the consumers. It revolutionized its policies by taking advantage of mobility in healthcare and pharma industries. Mobile based applications are extensively used by both doctors and patients. While it helps doctors to have a quick glimpse of the patient data and decrease medication errors, it helps patients by reducing ambiguity at any stage of the treatment. It creates a single forum which connects patients, pharmacists, physicians, sponsors, communities and helps them collaborate for better results.
Highly experienced developers at TechJini create solutions that offer a wide range of mobile healthcare and pharma solutions. These include patient health record management system, workflow management, etc., We design applications that are seamlessly used at various stages of diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, etc.,

We take pride in providing custom insurance solutions that are unique and robust

We at TechJini, ensure a profitable growth of your insurance company by creating solutions that help you attract and retain customers, cut costs, and boost productivity. Apart from increasing the customer engagement, our solutions offer a great ROI and empower employees to drive sales.
Customer engagement plays a great role while making decisions in the insurance marketplace. This only proves that insurers who engage with their customers frequently, garner loyalty and earn the trust of their customers. Our solutions concentrate on helping the insurance agents drive sales, claim files from their device and assist policyholders to manage their policies.