Users today have a plethora of options, which means their expectations are going to be ridiculously high. A fundamental challenge businesses are faced with is finding a way to retain them. Personalization is an important way to address this challenge. Having an app allows you to provide a personalized user experience and more importantly, it lets you engage and delight users. Apps offer you incredible insights into user behavior – something that a mobile website simply can not.


Knowing your audience gives you the ability to speak in a language that resonates with them, allowing you to create enjoyable and deeply relevant interactions for your users. The same applies to all industries especially, Fashion industry. Fashion marketplace is still new in town and yet to create a place in the world of unconventional startups.

If you are planning to step up your game in the fashion arena, this is the right time to do. The fashion industry is now drifting from conventional retail to online shopping forum that acts as a platform for you to connect with your consumers directly and get feedback.

Our extremely talented developers at TechJini Inc. build industry leading e-commerce and mobile commerce applications for the fashion tycoons. With proven mettle in delivering intuitive and seamless fashion shopping experience, we offer a variety of custom apps which are suited for the industry.

Be it a simple app that promotes your brand or a package of e-commerce application, we are here to build awesome platform for your business.



We extend our services to the retail industry by providing e-commerce solutions that increase user engagement, increase customer experience which garners loyalty from customers. This further helps to improve the orders, shopping frequency and conversion rates.

We at TechJini work hard to deliver robust e-commerce applications whose primary focus is on content, simplicity, speed, presentation, user-interface, navigation, Flexibility, Scalability and Security. These features enable your business to seize new opportunities , reduce time-to-market and operational costs thus increasing the overall productivity and compatibility of the e-commerce and m-commerce applications.