TechJini- Transforming Ideas into Reality

Turning an idea into reality is not a single day job. The journey not only requires a systematic approach but also demands wizards of ideas. We, at TechJini Inc. always create a culture innovation in whichever area we work. Taking such out of the box steps always helped us in transforming a brand or a product to a blockbuster.

How can we help? Our global support structure with the best-in-trade expertise always helped to deliver on any front. Our in-house professionals assist you at each step to make sure you are in the right path. Is your app just a simple need-based one? Or Do you need complex entertaining sites? Don’t worry! We offer the perfect solutions to develop anything you wish for.


Gone are the days when people subscribe for a magazine or a newspaper! Consumers are opting the digital media for searching and learning more content. Media and entertainment houses are quickly adapting to the change by establishing their presence in the digital platforms. Mobility is a major challenge faced by many houses to set up their digital presence.

How can we help? With the right media and entertainment mobility solutions we help you in adding that extra digital muscle to your organization hassle-free


Not only do we offer mobility solutions but also help media and entertainment companies to

Enabling contextual advertising on owned mobile property will monetize the user base and establish a strong revenue channel for the media house. We help our clients to integrate their solutions with 3rd party mobile advertising networks.


We offer a complete package of mobility services right from mobility consulting to application development and management. Our application development services include the provision of

These services are provided across different devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables.

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Our services don’t end once the app is deployed! We provide 24/7 mobility monitoring to manage your cloud membership. Partner with us for dedicated support teams and uninterrupted service.