What is TechJini University?

TechJini University (TJU) is the learning and development wing of TechJini which became fully functional in November 2014. Since then, TJU has conducted over 300 workshops, knowledge sharing sessions and training sessions. The Fresher Training program of TJU ensures that the fresh minds receive best in the industry mentorship and training. Yearly Hackathons keep our Jinis ready to work in challenging environments. TJU works closely with the Jini team to improve the skills of our employees – be it in a technical area or a non-technical area.

Why TechJini University?

Being an IT firm, we must cope with change as knowledge expands, technology evolves and markets shift. TJU makes our employees future ready. We ensure that our employees remain updated and productive. We bring out the best in an individual by building their expertise. TJU benefits the employees by doing a one on one skill need analysis; thus identifying and fulfilling any gaps which would give them the competitive edge they need. The programs under TJU not only aims at better performance of the individual but also helps them in building up their personality. The cross skill training programs empowers the employee to explore the horizon of new skills and technologies thereby ensuring that they expand their knowledge and exposure. TJU ensures that our Jinis are skilled enough to take up new tasks and challenges as they grow up the ladder.


  • It helped me to have hands on experience on new topics and other technologies basics which gives me a quick start in projects.
    I can join any technology session which I am interested in. It also provides cross platform training under the guidance of a senior with complete training material. This helps me to learn new technology in a proper way. I have attended many workshops and most of them are really good especially Android Wear, Apple WatchKit, iOS CoreData and Auto layout.

    Shweta Garg

  • At an entry level, TJ University has helped me in gaining knowledge about web technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc

    Vijaya Kumar BR

  • It has not only helped me in delivering my project in a better way but has also helped me in boosting up my confidence.
    Looking forward for more such opportunities

    Balashankar N

  • It is a good platform to share the knowledge with a group of people. Angular JS sessions helped me a lot as a beginner while PHP7 & Symfony3 session was an added advantage.

    Meena Susan Joseph

  • Every session under TJ University adds some value to your knowlede base. When we work on live projects we don’t get time to explore many things but attending these sessions makes it possible for us.

    Dhruv Singh

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