Techjini among the first in the world to be certified by Google as an official developers agency

TechJini, a leading mobile, IoT and cloud development services company with multiple global delivery offices has become one of the first companies worldwide to be certified under the Google Developers Agency Program. Since their incorporation in 2005, TechJini has rapidly established itself a market leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions using next-generation technologies across an impressive customer portfolio that spans from Fortune organizations to the hottest startups.


TechJini, a fast-growing multinational mobile application development company, has been officially certified by Google to be listed amongst its first and select few developer agencies across India, UK, Russia, Indonesia, USA and Canada that will enjoy niche and privileged benefits under Google’s exclusive partner program. Google’s newly established program, aptly called the Google Developers Agency Program, provides it’s members with training on the latest Google APIs, developer technologies, and best practices, besides participation in early access programs, dedicated support and a slew of other exclusive developer opportunities. An official statement from Google reads: “The Agency Program is an effort by Google’s Developer Relations team to work closely with development agencies around the world and help them build high-quality user experiences. Over the past few months, the program drew a lot of interest from hundreds of Agencies and having worked with various agencies for several months, the Agency Program has now launched certification for those partners that have undergone the required training and have demonstrated excellence in building Android applications using our platforms. The Agency Program hopes that doing so would make it easier for clients who’re looking to hire an agency to make an informed decision while also pushing the entire development agency ecosystem to improve.” To know more about the Google Developers Agency Program, please visit: To view the most current list of Google certified agencies, please visit:

About TechJini:

TechJini specializes in next-gen technologies which include Mobile, Cloud, Internet-of-Things and Big Data services. Leveraging the rapid adoption of mobile, the company has gained considerable traction to become one of the most recognized developers with millions of touch-points daily over both their enterprise and consumer-oriented applications. Their mobile apps, in particular, have routinely featured in the top 100 across all the major app stores and have garnered several million downloads to date. To experience TechJini’s services, you are encouraged to reach out to them via any of their direct channels listed below.

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