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A server-side backend is what you need to build the most robust application.

Our Enterprise Solutions

Python is our primary choice of tool, used to build custom feature-rich web solutions. We leverage its mature libraries to address time-critical tasks and extensively use the ready-made functionality of the Python frameworks.

Why Python?

  • High flexibility
  • easier management
  • quick MVP delivery

Our team of developers at TechJini, simply excel in creating well-crafted designs using Java and can implement a variety of integration solutions. We integrate the Java and non-Java applications which are a part of the legacy systems, or custom-built, or acquired from a third-party vendor.

Why Java?

  • Multi-level security
  • Stable performance
  • Easy connectivity

Our choice is PHP when it comes to optimizing the existing backend layers or building everything from scratch, i.e., when the application requires lower response times and server loads. Php allows the application to have a faster, reliable and more secure interaction with any storage.

Why PHP?

  • Built-in defense mechanisms
  • Encryption
  • Cryptography
  • Access to High 3rd party library

We choose .NET if the app demands stable and interactive nature that has an immense integration capacity. .NET enables the app to achieve global scalability and solves challenges of a varying computing environment.

Why .NET?

  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • High reliability at minimum operational costs
  • service-oriented architecture

Be it a mobile app or a web application, Backend is the cornerstone of any project.

Security and Performance

Backend systems we provide are well-equipped with high-security measures that encrypt the message and securely transport it between different components of applications. And during the cloud operations, our backend system can auto-scale to spin resources up and down based on actual usage.


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