Wearable technology is one of the latest emerging technologies and the next ‘Big Thing’ in the digital world. Businesses today need to embrace wearables not just to be ahead of their competition but to improve their productivity as well as communication. Innovative wearables like Google Glass, Apple Watch, Android Wear have gained tremendous popularity and have made a significant impact on our lives. Staying on top of these technologies helps businesses streamline their processes, mobilize resources and enhance their customer service.

We love to create smart and intuitive apps with innovative technology solutions that are bound to make a difference in the coming years.

As New York’s leading mobile app development company, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for all your wearable requirements. We focus on delivering wearable applications that perform smoothly and run effectively on all advanced wearable devices like Google Glass or Smartwatches. Our team of highly skilled developers has vast experience in providing end-to-end wearable solutions and delivering apps that are robust and engaging.



Smart Watches

SmartWatch is a wearable device/application that helps you carry out several tasks on one single device just like a smartphone. Using a smartwatch, one can take calls, send messages, and can even access all the applications that exist on your smartphone.


Head-Mounted Display

Head-Mounted Display provides enhanced user-experience with its highly evolved visuals and effects. While these are a great hit among gamers, head-mounted displays can be used in other industries as well. These include healthcare, retail, manufacturing, aviation, engineering, and several others. Google Glass is one such wearable innovation that helps you solve mission-critical business problems with futuristic solutions.


Fitness Trackers

Fitness Tracker is yet another wearable application that helps individuals track and manage their fitness routines. Fitness trackers are used to monitor and track fitness metrics like distance walked, heart rate, calories burnt, etc.



Implantables are devices that are implanted into the individual’s body during surgery to improve the person’s health. These devices (for ex: pacemakers, defibrillators) are programmed to maintain the typical condition of a body.



Wearables App Development Consultation

We will support you right from the beginning with our expertise in conceptualizing, evaluating, and quick prototyping of wearable solutions, as well as integration with wider systems.


Wearables UI and UX

Our design team understands your objectives and correspondingly delivers high-quality intuitive apps. Our designs are tailored to meet complex requirements of projects involving wearables.


Back-end Systems and API Development

Our expertise in building a robust back-end for your wearables will give you better insights into the wearables analytics and scalability.

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