Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the latest emerging technologies which are bound to create endless opportunities for businesses. While VR focuses on establishing a whole new level of an imaginative world, AR helps to enhance the real world with digital content.

Virtual Reality is all about transformation. It’s about transforming the way we interact with our surroundings and creating a deep impact through our products and services.


Techjini Inc. helps you in making your VR dream come true. With offices in New York and New Jersey, Techjini boasts of housing world-class Virtual Reality (VR) developers and designers.

Our expertise lies in our ability to handle the project right from conceptualization to design to development to testing. We undertake complete end-to-end game development projects and strive to deliver products that meet your requirements.

We leverage some of the greatest tools like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Maya, Blender, etc., to develop futuristic VR products.


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  • The people were knowledgeable and they worked extra hours to meet our deadlines and deliver our project on time.

    Co-founderSapphire Automation San Francisco

  • TechJini also gave us a really great Android developer, specifically having understood our in-house capabilities at the time.

    Chief Creative OfficerSnaps New York

  • At every point, they had good recommendations about how to make the admin portal easy for the user. I really liked that.

    IT Director Benefits Administration Firm New York