Designing out-of-the-box designs that delight millions of people.

If you are in search of a talented team to create ingenious designs for your application, Good news! You have come to the right place. Our team of experienced and dedicated creative designers create killer UI/UX designs that enthrall users.

What do we do?

First, we dig deep into your business, understand users and create an abstract of what you need. Thereafter we assess the requirements and create a sitemap of your website. Once approved, we get onto work on the design prototype making use of wireframes and Adobe tools. After a quick internal review of the prototype we forward it for a client approval upon which, if approved we move onto a full-fledged UI development of the project.


At TechJini, we never settle for the good. We shoot for incredible.




We design and develop unique User Interface for all the platforms of web and mobile systems.



We deliver full range of UX services that include usage scenarios,envision workshops, structural prototypes, interaction models, etc.,



We assist you in developing quick prototype of your project using wireframing and adobe tools to realize your ideas almost instantly.



We perform an audit on the information architecture and set up a content inventory, sitemap analysis for a better understanding of your business.



Increased engagement results in greater ROI. And to create compelling designs, you need a proficient team that is not just great at designing but has a vision to visualize your ideas. Our UX/UI Ninja’s at TechJini Inc. crafted standard principles for a seamless implementation of the designs by combining solution usability and functionality.

We make sure to keep up with these standards of UI/UX design for every solution created by us:

  • We align your organization’s goals to your end-user needs.
  • Designs apps that are easy to access and easy to use.
  • We make sure to maintain consistency and learnability.
  • We optimize user efforts.
  • Create applications that are compatible across various platforms


At TechJini we make use of wireframes to reduce cost and any kind of risk during the development of an interactive system. We bring in attention to the organization’s goals, scenarios and functionality by adopting iterative refinement approaches and acquiring feedbacks.



Prototypes help us to deal with the complex behaviors of the applications way before it turns into an end-product.This not only ensures an error-free end product but saves time and money. These also give scope to improve productivity and user satisfaction and drive profitability.



At TechJini, we make sure to test the apps even during the developmental stages. It includes behavior testing and A/B testing to create most effective,user-friendly and response bearing UI/UX design.

  • Prototype Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • Cross-browser and Cross-device testing
  • Usability Testing

Prototype Testing

User Interface Testing

We review the functionality and consistency Assessment of the guidelines compliance

Cross-browser and
Cross-device testing

Usability Testing

Testing the accessibility and ease-of-use of the application