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TechJini enables organizations to optimize their software development by building development teams that bring together global talent at affordable costs. Our experience spans across setting up and maintaining sophisticated R&D centers, as well as teams that specialize in software delivery and design. Our goal is to equip start-ups, small-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises in extending their own software development teams, in order to achieve bigger organizational goals. By outsourcing to India, businesses can leverage the immense talent pool currently available in India and achieve considerable profits.

Problems encountered with offshore development

There are several companies across the world who choose offshore development as a means to find talent and cut costs. However, they often run into common issues such as:

Cultural challenges

These issues can appear both in terms of the local culture, as well as organizational culture. It’s hard to manage a team that doesn’t follow the same policies, timelines and discipline as you do. Language can often be a barrier as well in being able to work together effectively.

Communication challenges

These are bound to occur when operating from geographical locations that are placed poles apart. When you are working with an offshore group, most communication aspects get compounded – phone calls, emails, and so on. This may lead to longer turnaround times and unexpected outcomes.

Dismal code quality and subsequent product quality

Not all employees are made equal. When working with an offshore team, you may encounter individuals who aren’t quite qualified for the task at hand. Because your involvement in hiring may be rather minimal, you may not have as much control over quality of the talent. Barriers in communication can also lead to a lack of understanding and comprehension, which impacts the final product negatively.

Us ‘vs’ Them

It’s hard to bring a sense of camaraderie and cohesion to a team sitting worlds apart, unless specific steps are taken towards building a rapport. Often, a blame game begins between both teams which ultimately impacts the project at hand, and affects profitability.

Not hiring the right people

A large majority of offshore partnerships come to a screeching halt mainly because of an issue with the quality of talent. In order to keep costs at a minimum and get started early, not enough due diligence is done when hiring.

Difficulty in setting up and getting things going

It’s not easy to set up and efficiently run an office from halfway across the world. Harder still is to ensure accountability from the offshore team, without implementing proper procedures for communication and tracking in place.

High attrition rates at offshore locations

If you are not working with a reputable offshore partner, you may quickly realize that employees are not sticking with the organization for a variety of reasons that are beyond your control.

Deficiencies in IP protection

Strategic management of IP is crucial in ensuring that your code, ideas and solutions are not being sold for profit. Companies that have signed up for offshore partnerships without setting up stringent clauses and eliminating all traces of risk, are bound to run into ownership issues in the future.

All of these factors combine to make a supposedly lower cost option a rather expensive and yet unproductive endeavor.

At TechJini, we understand what factors combine to create a successful and profitable offshore partnership. Read on to find out what TechJini brings to the table.

Innovate with TechJini

Our team of offshore development experts will help you set up your software development process in such a way that all the unique features of an offshore development partnership will be conducive to your success. While we take care of your execution efforts, you can prioritize strategy, innovation and scaling. What we offer:

Problem-solving expertise

We leverage our vast experience in building custom software products, to enable you to design the right architecture and choose the right tools for development. We leverage our solutioning expertise to help you design the right solutions to address your business goals and challenges.

Hiring the right people

Because of our vast experience in hiring and the vast talent pool we already have access to, we can bring you the best of the talent to work for your organization. Hiring talented individuals with superlative communication skills and a passion for quality and growth will prove tremendously important for your long term success.

Cost Effectiveness

Simply by virtue of hiring the right people and being transparent about the breakdown of our costs, we ensure that you’re getting more than what you’re paying for. Our goal is to set you up for long term success, we keep all overhead and operational costs at a minimum and help you scale up quickly.

Superior Product Quality

Your offshore team foundation is laid by hiring the right people. Engaging talented individuals to work on your solutions and providing them with the right environment and training, will ensure superior product quality.

Ongoing Communication

We want you to spearhead the project just like you would in your own country. We ensure that you are always connected to the process and receive regular updates and communication about various developments and progress.

First-Rate Infrastructure

We are obsessed with helping our customers create quality products and achieve tremendous success. To accomplish this, we ensure that you are equipped with the right infrastructure and there are no delays due to lacking infrastructural facilities.

Focus on innovation

Armed with a combination of the right mix of team members operating in the right roles, right infrastructure, efficient communication, integrated processes and tools and our expertise, you can continue to scale your organization and pursue continuous product innovation .

IP and security

We equip you with the highest security measures and ensure that your IP is kept completely confidential and secure.

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TechJini is an state-of-the-art custom software development company based out of New York, with an Offshore Development Center established in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore. Our team of experts comprises makers, thinkers, explorer, creators. We provide complete solutions across all phases of the software development lifecycle – strategy, architecture, UX/UI design, application development and QA. The teams in US and India work in conjunction to deliver incredible outcomes for clients across the globe.

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