TechJini is a leading mobile app development agency in New York, New Jersey and Bangalore that offers a variety of testing services ranging from automation to compliance testing, IoT app testing, etc., Our years of experience in mobile app testing helps us drive unique testing strategies that allows you to discover underlying issues during the development stages and increase efficiency and reliability of the product. An expert team of ISTQB certified specialists; TechJini analyzes your testing methodologies and will help you create a testing roadmap that ultimately delivers high-quality products in a short span.


Be it a hybrid cross-platform application or a native app, our deep expertise in testing helps you leverage mobile app testing tools and methodologies to their best. Our comprehensive testing services ensure flawless functionality of the product and an optimum performance of the application. We strive to create the right mobile testing roadmap which optimizes test-cycle and delivers a high-quality end product.

  • Functional Testing
  • API Testing
  • DB Testing
  • Performance/Stress
    • Memory
    • Response time
  • Security Testing



Automated testing services we provide, accelerate your testing cycle thereby reducing your time to market. We extensively use high-end testing tools and continuously focus on improving the quality by making it simpler and more efficient. We adopt automation testing by choosing the right automation tools which ensure accuracy, reliability and minimal human intervention. Our services include:


Performance testing of applications ensures the high-quality performance of app that delivers an optimum experience to the users. We make use of next-gen app performance testing tools to track and manage app’s performance over time. It helps to maintain faster and excellent response time for the application and ensures that the app is stable and scalable.


Accessibility testing defines usability. This is usually targeted at individuals with different abilities such as hearing impairment, visual impairments, cognitive impairment, physical impairment, and learning impairment.

The true essence of a good web applications is that it caters to all sets of individuals, and should not be limited to certain types of individuals such as new & old users who may be computer illiterate, users with poor communications infrastructure, users who are use non-standard equipment, users using systems that are not capable of running the latest software, users with limited access, etc.


Localization testing is performed to ensure product quality for a locale. This type of testing focuses on the subset of individuals or users in a locale. It helps reduce the overall testing costs, and helps in verifying linguistic accuracy.


Our team of testers are ISTQB certified experts, and SeeTest certified automation experts.

We have a deep expertise in mobile app performance testing for internet scale consumer applications

Experience in testing a variety of platforms (iOS, Cross-platform) and a wide range of apps (Large scale, IoT, etc.,)

Have a hands-on experience in using performance and automation tools like Selenium, MonkeyTalk, SeeTest, etc.,

Our testers are specialized in testing IoT apps/ Hardware integration for mission critical applications.

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  • The people were knowledgeable and they worked extra hours to meet our deadlines and deliver our project on time.

    Co-founder Sapphire Automation San Francisco

  • TechJini also gave us a really great Android developer, specifically having understood our in-house capabilities at the time.

    Chief Creative OfficerSnaps New York

  • At every point, they had good recommendations about how to make the admin portal easy for the user. I really liked that.

    IT Director Benefits Administration Firm New York