As a company with years of experience in app development, we tend to craft ingenious applications that are qualified with latest standards and drive best results as per the client’s requirement.

why cross-platform


The need for a cross-platform development existed since inception of mobile application development. It allows you to develop a single application that works across multiple platforms universally. While native app development consumes a great amount of time and money, cross-app development reduces all the hustle involved in it.

How does our
dedicated team

At TechJini, we take pride in being one of the leading cross-platform development companies in New Jersey. Our team of cross-platform developers focus to deliver smart applications whose functionality remains same across multiple platforms. We adopt fluid degradation strategies to carry the same functioning irrespective of platform.

We choose a single codebase strategy that can be compiled in various ways across different platforms, this way the hustle in creating super-long codes for native platforms can be reduced. Not to forget, we enhance the outlook and appearance of every application in a way that the same design is maintained on different platforms.


Be it a startup or a multinational enterprise, we dedicate to build dynamic hybrid applications that perform faster and better on every platform and that are specific to the industry. We specialize in providing various services:

  • E-commerce Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
Windows Solutions
  • Gaming Applications
  • Utility and Gaming Applications
  • Finance Applications

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