Take your custom software development to the next level with TechJini

TechJini’s dedicated development model provides you complete control of evolving software requirements, R&D approaches, testing, maintenance and various other complicated features of software development. You will have a team that is entirely committed to working on your projects, so you can ensure that their efforts and capabilities are aligned with your project requirements.

Free up your internal resources, so you can focus on addressing business requirements and work towards the larger goal of growth and generating ROI. With our extensive experience in handling various complex projects, our team offers complete support to your company in ensuring that your business challenges are addressed.

We offer best-in-class mobile application infrastructure support to meet your business needs.

Why TechJini’s Dedicated Development Center?

TechJini’s Dedicated Development Center is a contractual engagement model that takes care of long-term outsourcing needs. Not only is it cost effective, but you also have complete control of your team and its functions.

Dedicated Software
Development Team

This team operates as an expansion of your in-house app team – it works to turn your business goals into reality. This is a long term investment for your company and has the ability to generate greater ROI with time.


Our dedicated development centers enable you to hire skilled talent who are completely aware of your business operations, goals, workflow, and challenges. By outsourcing with us, you get the advantage of achieving success for your project at an affordable cost.


To meet your software development requirements, our dedicated captive centers offer high-end technology infrastructure and the best operational facilities. We give you the advantage of reducing your overhead expenses associated with setting up IT infrastructure, upgrading technology and creating an exceptional team.


With our flexible Dedicated Development Center model, you can modify your team size, work timings, and various other factors, to suit your work culture and expectations.


The entire Dedicated Development Center team at TechJini place a premium value on professionalism and commitment towards achieving your project goals. We offer you transparency and deep control and involvement into the project, while supporting your development needs in every way.

Why Choose Us?



We provide the entire spectrum of software development services under one umbrella. Our team members are equipped with versatile technical expertise and can handle end-to-end delivery of large scale and multi-technology projects.



Upon project delivery, we do not forget what we’ve learnt. We follow a well structured procedure that builds on intelligent product knowledge and project experience and can be easily passed on to a new team member and to the customer.



You can balance the number of team members working for your project based on your project requirements. As your organization scales and your requirements compound, you can easily scale up to build a bigger team. With all the groundwork already in place, you can scale ef


Dedicated Working

While the work environment at TechJini is energetic and enthusiastic, we also offer you the flexibility of customizing the office set up for your team, based on your preferences. You can replicate your branding and in-house work culture to your offshore team, to instill a greater sense of camaraderie across both in-house and offshore teams.

Benefits of Working with Our Dedicated Development Center

  • We use agile methodology and focus deeply on teamwork as we are committed to deliver exceptional results and within the stipulated time
  • While we offer an affordable model with a focus on delivering ROI, our highly-trained experts also ensure high quality in the projects we deliver
  • We offer flexibility in our engagement models and provide top-notch infrastructure, with a particular focus on tight communication between in-house and offshore teams.

Get your own dedicated teams

Based on your project requirements, two dedicated teams are assigned to monitor and manage all the ongoing activities right from the research and development stage to the testing and maintenance stage.

TechJini Managed
Dedicated Team

  • Don’t want to set up an in-house development department, but need a powerhouse of talented tech team to undertake your project?
  • We, at TechJini offer and set up a dedicated team of experts who specialize in fulfilling all your technology-driven requirements. Our years of experience has helped in designing and providing customized, full-fledged and end-to-end services according to the client’s project.
  • We let the customers decide the level of control and monitoring they want to retain and ensure full transparency throughout the journey.

Customer Managed
Dedicated Team

  • Have special requirements for your ongoing/new project? A developer, UX/UI designer, programmer etc. ?
  • Don’t worry! TechJini provides the perfect solution for all the extra resources in any technological domain you desire. We let your manager head the entire operation and fill any necessary gaps with our specialists in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • After having an in-depth discussion with our clients, we build a high-performance team suitable for your project requirements.

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