The development center of TechJini in New York metropolitan area (New Jersey) is a strategic collaboration model to establish cost saving and long-term partnerships with all our clients worldwide. Our team of experts works on the required project goals so that you can concentrate only on growing your business worry-free.

After analyzing your project needs, we develop a strategic partnership model to boost the productivity levels of your organization throughout the project.

Based on your project requirements, we propose two types of teams to monitor and manage all the ongoing activities right from the research and development stage to the testing and maintenance stage.

TechJini Managed Dedicated Team Customer Managed Dedicated Team
Don’t want to set up an in-house development department, but need a powerhouse of talented tech team to undertake your project? Have special requirements for your on-going/new project? A developer, UX/UI designer, programmer etc. ?
We, at TechJini offer and set up a dedicated team of experts who specialize in fulfilling all your technology-driven requirements. Our years of experience has helped in designing and providing customized, full-fledged and end-to-end services according to the client’s project. Don’t worry! TechJini provides the perfect solution for all the extra resources in any technological domain you desire. We let your manager head the entire operation and fill any necessary gaps with our specialists in the most cost-effective way possible.
We let the customers decide the level of control and monitoring they want to retain and ensure full transparency throughout the journey. After having an in-depth discussion with our clients, we build a high-performance team suitable for your project requirements.


  • The people were knowledgeable and they worked extra hours to meet our deadlines and deliver our project on time.

    Co-founderSapphire Automation San Francisco

  • TechJini also gave us a really great Android developer, specifically having understood our in-house capabilities at the time.

    Chief Creative OfficerSnaps New York

  • At every point, they had good recommendations about how to make the admin portal easy for the user. I really liked that.

    IT Director Benefits Administration Firm New York