Empowering businesses with Data

Data has occupied a quintessential space in our daily life and businesses today are incomplete without data science and analytics. Techjini Inc. helps businesses make data-driven decisions, which can give better insights into key aspects of both business strategies and derived outputs.

Techjini Inc. houses a team of highly experienced data scientists who have an in-depth understanding of business needs and leverage their quantitative modeling expertise to solve complex problems.

We have a proven track record in helping our clients convert their large raw data into valuable insights for their business. Our unique approach explores newest market opportunities and enables your organization to achieve scalability using latest technologies.



At Techjini Inc., we provide a full complement to meet the objectives of the enterprise level entities. We emphasize on building excellent custom tools that help businesses analyze and visualize data in a structured manner.

Analytic Assessment of Capabilities

Current abilities of the organization are reviewed upon which necessary tools, teams, governance, and operating models are recommended

Analytic Insights

Discovers hidden insights about use cases, finds the root cause of issues and explores new ideas that potentially resolve existing issues


Analytic Operationalization

Converging engineering and data science to implement better data science use cases

Analytic Management

Maintenance and upgradation of existing models with innovative patterns and insights



Techjini Inc. is New York’s leading data science solutions company, empowering enterprises with high-quality big data solutions. We take advantage of the business analytics solutions to help the enterprises increase their revenue, enhance customer experience and improve sales.


Growth with Data

We adopt an explorative and innovative approach enabling seamless integration of latest technology assets that leads you to immense opportunities.


Stay ahead of the competition

Agile and collaborative approaches we adopt, enable you to identify use cases of high value and helps you keep your competition at bay.


Scalable infrastructure

Once we identify the high-value use cases, we align them with the organization’s objectives to transform them into scalable solutions.


Efficiency only we can deliver

A team of expert data scientists at Techjini have deep expertise in developing pre-built components that boast of quality templates for integration and data access.


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  • The people were knowledgeable and they worked extra hours to meet our deadlines and deliver our project on time.

    Co-founderSapphire Automation San Francisco

  • TechJini also gave us a really great Android developer, specifically having understood our in-house capabilities at the time.

    Chief Creative OfficerSnaps New York

  • At every point, they had good recommendations about how to make the admin portal easy for the user. I really liked that.

    IT Director Benefits Administration Firm New York