We are creatively and technically dominant!

At TechJini, we house a team of experienced developers who have an eagle’s eye over the cloud technologies. We extensively make use of all our expertise to create powerful cloud solutions fused with ingenious designs. We are well acquainted with development, migration, and operation of mission critical systems. We lay out the best in class cloud strategies that are implemented to exploit the potential benefits of a Cloud.


We are bestowed with immense expertise to create beautiful user-interfaces. These are not just good-looking but perform exceptionally as well. Our great designs are successfully integrated with highly functional programs to deliver applications which are faster, better and which can provide excellent user experience on any platform.



We make sure to use all our expertise (which we have obtained from our previous experiences) to deliver custom cloud applications that target all platforms.


We dive deep into our years of experience to accelerate your steps towards the cloud. Partner with us to migrate your legacy applications and collaboration platforms to cloud solutions that best fit all your requirements. This also enables the app to gain access to the flexible infrastructure services your organization requires.


We use cloud-based enterprise middleware solutions for a seamless connection between the apps and the data sources across the entire eco-system. This enables a limitless transfer of data for your organization.


We at TechJini, work to achieve enhanced scalability, advanced information retrieval and usability for your application. We love custom configuring your application so that it perfectly suits all of your business needs and drives best results.


TechJini Inc helps you identify and prioritize the most promising candidates because all workloads are not appropriate for the cloud. We begin our assistance by providing you a sound cloud strategy and choosing the right computing model that suits your business perfectly. Later on, a proof of concept is developed upon which the cloud-first application is built. Every feature is designed to scale quickly and reliably so that it maximizes the efficiency and speed of the cloud.


    – Build Strategy

    – Select a computing model

    – Assess the Application

    – Proof Of Concept


    – Development

    – Testing

    – Integration

    – Deployment

  • RUN

    – Application Management

    – Maintenance and support

    – Continuous improvement


We provide seamless migration of your applications to the cloud. For this, we modify the existing software and implement data integration connectors wherever required. Our qualified domain experts perform a sound migration of your servers, databases, and apps to cloud environments to attain scalability and flexibility of cloud computing.

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We enable your company to deliver data without boundaries by connecting applications and data sources across the enterprise ecosystem through cloud-based enterprise middleware solutions.