Benefits of Chatbot Development

Dedicated resources that provide unmatched transparency and control during the operational phase.
Easy to scale up or scale down.
They offer simple interface which can be encoded to accomplish automated actions
Chatbots are inexpensive to build.
Improves mobile marketing efforts which leads to better results.
Chatbots offer personalized interaction.
Uncompromised privacy standards automated transactions and workflows.
Chatbots use simple language to communicate, making interaction easy.

Integrate ChatBots into Various Applications


Bots take care of the details while you concentrate on business expansion!

  • Supply chain management becomes easy and simple with chatbots
  • Inventory reporting, shipment arrival or delay, purchase order management are simplified.
  • Chatbots have advanced rapidly that just asking it about the stock of a good will enable it to initiate its production

Look out for market fluctuations while your retail bot handles the rest!

  • Bots assist customers by engaging them with personalized conversation.
  • Information regarding products, their prices, inventory, shipment details, etc., can be accessed instantly.
  • If customers are finding it difficult to finish a transaction, chatbots can help them with relevant links.

Improve patient journey and experience with chatbots!

  • Chatbots help in assisting medical professionals by scheduling their appointments.
  • Chatbots enable renewing of patient prescriptions without the need of a doctor.
  • For hospitals, chatbots can preorder medical equipment such as guace, gloves, etc., when they reach a certain threshold.
  • Chatbots can be taught to answer simple medical queries.

Save yourself from long hours of analyzing and scrutinizing. Just leave it to the bots!

  • Chatbots assist you in your efforts of marketing your products and services.
  • They help in notifying your customers about promotional offers.
  • Grouping and categorising of customers is simplified with chatbots.
  • Bespoke messaging to keep customers engaged is possible only through chatbots.

Transform/revolutionize the way banking is perceived and enhance customer experience with chatbots.

  • Chatbots enable customers to check their bank balance just by asking for it.
  • Customers can review statements for their bank account and credit card.
  • Enhance your and customer’s banking experience with chatbots.
  • Chatbots help in upselling premium services with ease.
  • Enable customers to set auto-payments in a click of a button.

Replace traditional and slow workflows with quick and efficient processes!

  • Bots helps in easing bottlenecks in operations, production, management, etc.
  • Bots deliver assistance virtually – something employees need to fully solve a challenge
  • Reports can be viewed, and analyzed with real time data.


Q- What is the difference between a chatbot and a mobile app?

A- A chatbot is essentially a computer program that is created to serve as a conversational agent. It was designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with a user (one or more humans) via auditory or textual methods.

An application, or app, is a software program that is designed and created to perform specific functions

Q- What is the process involved in building an intelligent chatbot for me?

A- It starts with you sharing your million dollar idea with us. Based on this idea we create a bot flow conversation. If you like the flow, we go ahead and build the bot for you.

Q- Why should I choose your chatbot development service?

A- Our pool of expert chatbot developers help you in building controlled yet interesting chatbots that serve your business needs. The team has over 100 years of chatbot development experience between them, making us one of the most advanced and robust chatbot development providers in the market. We have successfully built chatbots for various industries and verticals.

Q- What is unique about TechJini’s chatbot development service?

A- We offer best in class development services for chatbots. Our chatbots are smooth, have a captivating storyline, clear calls to action, etc.

Q- Do bots support multiple languages?

A- Yes. At TechJini, we build bots that are multilingual.