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An API can be defined as a set of procedures and functions which allow for the creation of applications that access data or any features of another application or operating system or service. It is a software-to-software interface allowing for a separate codes and services to communicate with each other.

An API run mostly behind the scenes and the end-user is usually unaware of its presence. To give an example, many ecommerce websites use third party payment processing APIs such as PayPal to process payments. These payments are done in real-time because an API is constantly running with the website.

Unlike other mobile app design and development teams, we here at TechJini Inc. behave like a product team of a high-growth startup.We help our clients by creating better native apps for both iOS and android.

TechJini. Inc is an API design & development company, with a vast experience in designing and developing bespoke APIs. We excel in developing mobile app APIs as well as API integration.

As the world get increasingly connected, APIs will start to function as highways for information. APIs will help provide information to the plethora of websites and applications we use every day.

For brands staying relevant for their customers is crucial. Hence, brands need to innovate and be make their presence felt across platforms. APIs help brands do just this! If the design and development of APIs is done correctly, brands can reach beyond a single platform

APIs can also be used to pull data from devices as well. To learn more about integrating APIs into websites and mobile apps, get in touch.

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