Writing good code – Design patterns group formed


This is how we at TechJini define good code
– Code that fulfills customer requirement. This is the most important of all, no matter how you have coded, what process you have followed if it doesn’t do what is expected of it, its useless. Ofcourse has to be bug free.
– Easily maintainable code. Do not write thinking that you are responsible only for version 1.0. Think ahead, code should be very easy to maintain. Easy maintenance include – easy for new team members to understand, easy to test, easy to change/add features, well documented etc
– Reusable. Code which can be transformed into components and reused.
– Thoroughly tested, test cases should have full (maximum possible) code coverage.
– Future and change ready.

There are several things we can do to ensure that we write ‘good code’, one of the way is to start with good design. Understanding and having ability to correctly utilize OOP concepts and design patterns. To ensure that everyone in our company is a master we have formed and started TechJini Design Patterms study group. We had our first class yesterday which covered introduction of OOP concept and healthy discussion covering real life examples trying to model real life problems. Its clear that everyone has good base and is an expert in analysing and applying OOP concepts, so we expect to have good discussions in future.

Next session is about Abstract Factory Pattern. Looking forward to it.

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