Working Remotely and its tricks and tips


At some point or another in our career, most of us have opted for working remotely. Whether managing a remote team, remote client or a remote vendor, working remotely requires focus and strategy.

I started working remotely soon after my Maternity Leave and it was definitely not a cakewalk. Productivity, Facetime, involvement are some of the things which come under the continuous scanner.

Following are the tricks & tips that might help others if they plan to work remotely for a long duration. And yes, they surely resonate with my experience.

*You need to over-communicate. Sometimes communicate about nothing or anything in general.
*Accountability is the key factor for being successful as a remote worker.
*Be Result driven and focussed rather than worrying about physical absence as a hindrance to you work. Most of us work with remote clients. When clients are able to get the work done without being physically present so can we.
*To be successful as a remote company, you need to be able to trust your employees.
*Strong infrastructure for communication both at the remote location and the location where the team is working.  Poor internet connection/network not only adds to frustration but wastes a lot of time.
*Group a bunch of meetings together with short breaks so that you get interrupted time to complete your individual tasks.
*Keep yourself away from distractions.
*Plan your meetings well in advance. Nobody would want a wailing baby in the background.
*Try Video Calling.
*Isolate Work time and personal time. When you are working remotely, people might get an impression that you are not working even if you are off to grab a cup of coffee. In my experience, working remotely most of the times leaves no time for your personal space, not even breaks.

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