What we like and dislike about TechJini – Joys and pains of working with TechJini (a start up or small company)


Right from the heart, this is what we ‘jinies’ (I just invented that term 🙂 ) have to say about life at TechJini.
So here is what we like and what we would like to change:

  1. Exposure – We get exposed to different kind of work, something we will get to do in 2 years in a big organization we get to do it in first few months only. – Nuwas
  2. Good Learning – With so many new projects and all with different technology there are new challenges and lot to learn almost every day. – Akshi
  3. More responsibility – Our work is not limited to what is assigned and just coding or testing or designing. We do almost everything and very early in our career. – Everyone
  4. Different technologies – Exposure to different technologies and very easy to shift/learn. We get all the help but are also encouraged and showed how to do quick self learning. This acts as a big confidence boost. – Vipindas
  5. Flexible timings – Flexible working hours in true sense. No enforcement of mandatory working hours, can work from home, if I work on holiday I am given a compensatory off or cash – Everyone
  6. Friendly environment – Very very friendly environment, there are no bosses (absolutely no hierarchy), feels like a small family, even policies are made after open discussions – Everyone
  7. Technical Challenges – We get to face more technical challenges which is making us better programmers. – Everyone
  8. Neelima – Very friendly and helpful person, someone we will not have anywhere else – Sapna
  9. No bureaucracy or politics – Cant be more democratic and fair then in TechJini – Everyone
  10. Open to do whatever I want – I get enough opportunity, time and space to do whatever I want other than my regular work. I was able to finish a certification (which company is happy to pay for) and I can interact with everyone in the company – Arun
  11. No bench – We have never seen anyone without work. There is absolutely no bench and so many product ideas to work on.
  12. My product – Only place where I am encouraged and given full opportunity to work on my own idea and the best part is I don’t have to work alone, everyone in the company will work on my idea.
  13. Formal corporate culture – Culture here is too relaxed, we are serious in what we do but we do not get to see a very formal corporate culture which also has lot to teach.
  14. Brand Name – All the benefits of working for a big brand name.
  15. Company conveyance – hmm…. 🙂
  16. 6 days a week – Sometimes it pinches that our friends are having fun but we work on Saturdays too. Even though we do not do regular work (extra learning or activities) but still.
  17. Good Office building – We need to move to an attractive address soon, guys are finding it difficult to call prospective in-laws 😉
  18. Website – NEED to change website.

– Website changed 🙂

Update (3rd June 2011):
Saw this post after such a long time 🙂
– We changed to 5 days a week almost 1.5years back
– We also shifted to a good office. And will soon shift to another bigger office.

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  1. Krishna

    August 14, 2009

    From an employee perspective, a company in its early stages is a win win situation, you get to learn a lot more and do a lot more, much quicker than what it would take in a big org.

    Website looks good though, not sure about the work environment 🙂