What Makes India An Attractive Offshore Destination

Robby Gupta

Outsourcing is a major component of business operations. Companies across the globe outsource work to countries like India, Philippines, China, Vietnam, etc. Outsourcing enables companies to achieve quality standards at a lower cost. It provides more time to market the product and enables onshore employees to focus on more decision-making tasks.

India is one of the most popular destinations for offshore outsourcing services. A recent outsourcing survey showed that 85% of US companies offshore some or the other type of work to India. This includes data processing, e-publishing, website design, search engine management, etc.

The reasons are simple: Indian workers deliver superior quality products which are relatively cost-effective than other countries. Even the turnaround time is one of the fastest of Indian offshore workers. Since it is one of the rapidly developing markets, India now caters to offshore requirements of countries from Europe, South America, etc.

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While considering offshore outsourcing to India, it is essential to determine your work requirements. India has a vast pool of technical workers that offer unmatched quality of software development services. It stands at the forefront of knowledge and technology in this century and has a wide human resource pool for outsourcing operations.

India as an attractive offshore outsourcing services destination

Outsourcing work to India is not new. But recently, it has gained much traction because of liberal government policies, competency development, and access to state-of-the-art technology. The entrepreneurial mindset is on the rise and a huge number of Indians are starting outsourcing companies and taking offshore projects.

1. Liberal Policies
The government of India is working hard to bring the country in the category of globally connected economies. It has levied minimum restrictions and the policies promote India as a safe, secure, and a feasible destination for outsourcing. The government also initiated the “National IT task force”, a 108 point action plan to maximize the growth of the IT sector in India. The result is competent IT workers that provide quality technical services to clients across the globe. India also has cyber laws that regulate remote work and protect from any fraud and data theft.

2. Dedicated Employees
As compared to other offshore outsourcing destinations, Indian employees are committed and dedicated to the work. They work for 8 hours every day and for 6 days a week. In India, there are dedicated teams of employees that also work in shifts. This enables companies to get service and support 24×7. The workforce is committed to projects and will deliver the results on time.

3. Skilled Human Resources
The Indian workforce is highly educated and smarter compared to their other outsourcing counterparts. Employees hold graduate degrees from some of the finest US universities. You will also find Indians that can speak English better than Americans. India has a vast pool of talented workers who have high technical expertise and are smart enough for any kind of work. Since Indians are more focused on discipline, they are able to achieve more and easily apply their analytical brains in complex tasks. This enables quality service delivery across all sectors.

4. Low Communication Challenges
As stated, India is one of the biggest English speaking countries and the majority of the Indian workforce has a better command over the language than most Americans. The employees are fluent in English as they are encouraged to communicate in English since high school. This enables companies to easily communicate with the Indian workforce and eliminate any barriers. While American companies face problems in language when outsourcing to non-English speaking countries, India is a major advantage as most of the country has some or other understanding of English.

5. Flexibility in Pricing
Labor in developed countries is far more expensive than those in developing countries. India is one of the rapidly developing markets and labor is available at a cheaper cost than other countries. They offer flexible pricing based on leads, hours or fixed monthly costs. Often, companies save up to 65% of their cost when they select offshore outsourcing in India. When considering software, the range of a developer is somewhere around $80-$100 per hour. The same cost for an experienced Indian developer revolves around $15-$20 per hour. This difference is a huge saving on cost and the biggest opportunity to maximize your company’s profitability.

6. Good Infrastructure
India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It has already made its mark in cost-effective infrastructure. The country’s workforce is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software to deliver high-quality products to offshore clients. They have the latest software that is able to fulfill the needs of the project. India also has vast network connectivity along with high-speed internet connections throughout the country. This enables smoother communication with the offshore partners and provides 24×7 support to them.

7. Develop Core Skills
Sometimes, businesses start to grow exponentially and all the operations need to be expanded at once. What do you do in such situations? Offshore outsourcing services are the answer. India has a pool of resources that will help you with customer service, pre-sales documentation, research, and testing of the product. All these non-core activities can be easily outsourced so that you can focus on developing your core competencies and focus on executive and decision-making activities. You can focus on activities that contribute the most to your efficiency while outsourcing those that supplement your primary operations.


Outsourcing offers flexibility in terms of human resources, cost, and time. Only a few offshore Indian employees can cover for 80% of your work and within a limited budget.

The economies of developed countries often undergo major transitions. In these cases, outsourcing work to India is a good option to keep your business alive and growing. It will offer a competitive advantage to you in terms of money and time involved in developing, testing, and launch activities of a software product. You will get an international standard of work from the Indian workforce at an affordable price. TechJini is a leading software development company that helps to augment your outsourcing efforts by developing top-notch IT products. Contact us today and begin your offshore outsourcing journey. 

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