Wanted: Indian Innovators for web 2.0

Shyamal Mehta

As more and more companies bring out great products in the web 2.0 arena, it becomes evident that innovation is all around. Except here at home. I was looking at this cool mashup of Google Maps with the physical locations of all web 2.0 companies, and one hting to notice is that there is not a single company from India.

India has more than 50% of global market share for IT sourcing and more than 30% in the ITES sector. Given that fact it is indeed surprising and disappointing that there are very few innovations happening from India, and probably none in the web application area.

Leave a comment if you happen to know any web 2.0 startup from India.

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Shyamal Mehta

Shyamal is an experienced technology professional having expertise on the web and mobile technologies. His strength lies in his ability to successfully and repeatedly deliver projects and products (large and small) for a variety of industries.