Virtual Reality Innovation In Education


Technology has always been closely linked with Education. Every day we hear about some new technology that will change the world and the way we learn it.

The history of technology enabled education began with broadcasting education radio program for school in the 1920s through the British Broadcasting corporation. Since then it has enhanced day by day and first generalized computer assisted has been invented in the late 1970 named as PLATO which was incorporated key on-line concepts forum message boards online testing, e-mail, chat rooms ,instant messaging, remote screen, sharing, and multi-player

It was 1995 when the first fully online course started to appear and the materials were mainly text and graphics. Since then it has grown up to online audio and video lectures.

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In late 2008 Social media start covering a wide range of different technologies, including Youtube videos, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, Twitter, Skype and Facebook. Since then digital education has grown vast and new technology has born that is

a) Teaching Assistant Bot

b) Virtual Reality

a) Teaching Assistant Bot:  

Technology has always improved our education system and chatbots are at the forefront. There are millions of Mobile apps are still compelling and there are many cases where an app can provide richest experience. However, there is some downside is that you have to download them, log in, keep them updated and make sure they are compatible with your device.

So, what is a chatbot, anyway? In brief, it’s just software that allows for a conversational or messaging style interface that simulates a human interaction.

Now you can learn at your fingertip and you will learn better and more thoroughly. Chatbots could do that for every kid, at their own pace, on their own devices. Chatbots are being too smart now a day and can help you to understand toughest question like.

Who was William Shakespeare?

What is Newton’s third law of motion?

What is differential Calculus?

Describe planet solar system?

English grammar quiz?

b) Virtual Reality:

welcome to the new frontier of knowledge as we know education is the base for a thriving society, that is why today still knowledge transfer is a priority it has been proven that virtual reality based learning increases learners attention level by one hundred percent and improves test scores by over thirty percent .

Virtual reality allow you to learn faster remember longer and decide better VR experience via allows a user experience content in via 2d or interactive touch mood the VR load supports VR headsets such as oculus VR1 Samsung gear via Google Cardboard and more.

However, what distinguishes the digital age from all previous ages is the rapid pace of technology development and our immersion in technology-based activities in our daily lives. Thus it is fair to describe the impact of the Internet on education as a paradigm shift, at least in terms of educational technology. We are still in the process of absorbing and applying the implications.

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