Team Outing at The Rappa!


Last weekend we went to The Rappa -An Island Eco Resort located 210 kms away from Bangalore near Hassan. We left Bangalore on the 31st of October at 7.15am, families were also invited. The bus took the NICE Road till Magadi and we stopped at Kunigal for Breakfast. We played Dumb Charades, Cards, Housie and Antakshari during the journey. We were only few kms away from Rappa when we had to stop our bus as the road ahead was blocked due to temple inauguration in the village. We were invited to join in the festivities as it would take 2 hours to clear the road ……so we decided to do the 30 minutes walk in the afternoon sun accompanied by the cool breeze from the river to reach Rappa. We were welcomed by 3 lovely dogs -Shunti(Pomeranian), Brownie(Golden Retriever) , Shadow(Basset Hound) and another surprise awaiting us was Jack, a mighty horse which was brought to Rappa a month ago. We were so excited to check out our accommodations which were Machans, Tree houses and Swiss Tents spread beside the river. After the walk, we had all worked out a good appetite and so we enjoyed the lunch.

Nobody wanted to rest so we started with the games. We had four teams for each game which were divided earlier and each team came up with team names like Jinis, Shakalaka boom boom , Rainbow, TechJini Warriors, Parasites and Halloween. Yes, Amal we haven’t sensored ‘Shakalaka boom boom’ from being mentioned in this blog 🙂

We started with Lagori which was good fun and The Rainbow team won the game….. of course there were lot of fights which added to the fun. It was not tiring enough for few so we decided to play Cricket followed by Foot ball. I guess too much work and no play gave everyone too much energy 🙂 we didn’t even want to take the tea break. The Sun was setting by then and we were surrounded by good music, chill breeze and everybody settled down on the sand around the campfire under the dark sky, full moon and stars shining bright (which we hardly get to see here due to city light). After soaking into the lovely atmosphere everybody started dancing and singing along with the music. We had hot hot bajjis and chicken kebab served during the campfire. The dancing did not stop till the fire went off and we had dinner around 12. People at Rappa had planned a Night trek for us. We drove 20 kms from Rappa to reach the point where we had to begin the climb to the top of the hill. We started the climb accompanied by the Shunti, Shadow and Brown with the help of Moon Light. There is a temple on top which is opened once a week to worship God. The view from atop was spectacular (Should be clear and better in day light) . We could see other range of hills, forest and Tipu’s Fort below. It was quiet, dark and very cold on top. We sat there, enjoyed the view and listened to the stories of Tipu Sultan and his secret underground path told to us by our Trek Guide(Nagesh). And yes how can I forgot Rohit and Santosh have lost their 4 hours of memory due to too much mixing of water and juice 🙂

We came back to Rappa at 4am to catch up on some sleep and were up by 6.30 to do Kayaking. The river is wide and long as it is a place were two rivers meet and there is an island in the middle of the river. Most of us went rowing till the island and some went swimming in the deep waters.

We had a good breakfast of bread, jam, butter, omelet , poori, saagu, orange juice,tea and coffee. We went by the river side to play team building games to encourage bonding among each other. Each team had 6 members in this game and one person was blindfolded. The blindfolded person would lead the line and rest stand behind to pass on the instructions given from the last person. The twist in the game was that no member was allowed to speak. Instructions were to be passed on only through actions. There was a start line and finish line and on the way three objects were placed. The blindfolded person had to pick up these objects and then move ahead to the finish line. The Rainbow team won this game as well. The second game we played was ‘Brick Game’. There were 6 members in each team and were given 4 bricks. Three people had to step only on the bricks and three would move the bricks to make sure those on bricks are moving ahead towards the finish line without stepping on the ground.

We were physically getting tired and people started complaining about body pain 🙂 so the next game we played was ‘Create an Ad’ where each team had to Create an Ad on the given product , name the product and enact. The products given were Baby Nappies, Glue, Designer Saree, Hair Growth Cream, Fat losing Belt, Detergent Powder and Mouth Freshener. This was real fun and told us a lot about people’s personal life like how is Akshi as a wife, Amit Singh as a husband and how was Rohit’s childhood 😀

It was lunch time by then and we had to check- out after lunch so we packed our bags had lunch and left Rappa half hearted.

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  1. santosh

    November 11, 2009

    It was a very beautiful place. I have to visit again.

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  9. Anish

    September 20, 2011

    Its Wonderful place……… U will enjoy to the core..

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    September 27, 2011

    Good info, particularly liked the section about web games.

  11. Harsha

    June 20, 2012

    The Rappa – Hell on Earth…

    Horrifying Experience…!!!

    We would like to share a bitter and horrifying experience about a resort called ” The Rappa” which is located in Hassan district, ALur taluk, Aralimarada koppalu at a distance of 250 kms from Bengalur ( though the resort’s official website says 210kms) which is misleading the people and the person called Vijay Das who heads the resort is unfit to be in the Hospitality industry.

    Last Saturday i.e. on June 16th, 2012 we from IBM, Bengalur started towards ” The Rappa” resort, started at morning 0630am in a TT with 9 people ( 4 ladies and 5 men). We had actually booked the resort 3 days back and had transferred 10k to the resort owner’s account.

    Though the official website of the resort proclaims it as 210kms from Bengalur, but that is totally incorrect, it is 250 kms from Bengalur. That was the first shock…

    We were calling Vijay in between, (though he never called us) as he had not given us the Route map for that place in spite of an email sent to him to provide the route map to us. We were confused and we used to stop at some distance and ask the villagers and finally we reached the resort at around 3pm on Saturday.

    The 2nd shocker was that the resort was like a Dhaaba…though we ignored it, we thought it was a bad decision by selecting this resort for our outing as it was not as per the pictures which are there in the resort website ..yet we continued…Vijay came there and welcomed us, then he sent one person called Ashok to show us the cottage.

    We had decided to take one tent house (5 guys) and a cottage ( 4 gals) and when we saw the tent house, it was not at all clean..we could see spider webs and full of dust …still we thought that we should not expect all those facilities here…but the real shocker was when we saw the cottage which was meant exclusively for was stinking, was not cleaned and used cotton was lying in the bed room…Gals were really uncomfortable with that and requested to get the rest room cleaned as they had to use it after travelling continuously for 14 hours….The response to this request from Vijay was truly shocking ..!!!!!
    He asked us not to come here with any expectations and when I clarified that we are not asking any five star amenities but only to get the restroom cleaned he said that he would give a bucket of water, phenoil and a cleaning brush to me to be passed to the ladies to clean the rest rooms themselves….He was so rude and I came to know that he is a quack and he should not be in this hospitality industry….Now should such people continue in this hospitality industry where customer etiquette is a vital ingredient…..

    I was grately disappointed by his reply and myself and my colleagues along with my Manager were having a general chat about the journey and suddenly Vijay surfaced from no where and started a brawl with us and said that we should not come here with any expectations….We clearly told him that we only want the ladies rest rooms to be cleaned for which he gave us the same reply as earlier he told that he would give a bucket of water, phenoil and a cleaning brush to me to be passed to the ladies to clean the rest rooms themselves….Now I think that this guy is unfit to be in the hospitality industry and he does not know how to speak with the customers…When we told him that we are his customers, he directly said Customers are WHORES ( filthy language) and said that we are his guests…my question is does any body charge their guests for staying at their place….Later he told that if we do not want to stay then we can leave the place, he would refund the amount or else he will get 80% discount at any of the FIVE STAR hotels in Hassan…

    Now I think that this person is completely misleading people by pretending that he is a Nature Lover but in reality he is not….He is a person who does not stick to his words… does not how to treat customers especially women…we decided to leave and then we booked a home stay called ” COFFEEGUDDA” in chikkamagalur…When we approached Vijay to refund the amount of 10k wch we had paid as advance, he said he would refund the amount by Monday 18th June, 2012 and after some time he said he will not refund it…we asked him to get us 80% discount at any hotel in Hassan as he mentioned earlier, he said when did he say that…We gave him a dead line to refund the amount by Monday evening 18th June, 2012 and later went to COFFEE GUDDA.

    In our opinion, Vijay Das is unfit to be in the hospitality industry, instead he should open a WINE shop…We are proceeding to take Legal Action against him and we would teach him a lesson in the Consumer court. We will let him know the basic etiquette of Hospitality Industry……

    For ladies, it’s a haunted place…
    Cleanliness: It sucks
    Customer treatment: Big Zero

    I will never ever recommend any person to visit this resort…


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