SwiftBLR Meetup November 2016

The SwiftBLR meetup was hosted at TechJini on 12th November 2016. This was a great opportunity for developers to interact with each other and also learn from Industry experts. Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. The meetup format involves presentations and demos of Swift programs and iOS apps built using Swift language.


Yogeshwar Rao kicks starts the meetup

Yogeshwar Rao talks about Swift and TechJini

Sanchay Banerjee takes us through Functional Programming and Swift

The meetup kick started at 3 PM IST with a “Host Talk” by Yogeshwar Rao who is also the Delivery Manager at TechJini. Yogeshwar gave an overview of Swift language and how it has evolved over the years. There was a discussion on what the future holds for Swift. He also spoke about the way TechJini has embibed Swift as one of its leading technologies.

The next talk was on “Apple Watch app development” by Marimuthu Govindasamy. Muthu as he is popularly called, took the attendees through Watch OS Architecture, available UI, the watch models, interface and other key features. He also gave a demo on how to develop an app for Apple Watch.
The following talk was given by Sanchay Banerjee who is a Sr. Technical Architect at TechJini. Sanchay’s talk was a deep and interactive session on “Functional Programming and Swift”. The talk was well executed and the attendees were left inspired and with a hunger to research more on the topic.
The meetup had a 15 minutes break after Sanchay’s session and it gave the attendees a chance to interact with each other and the presenters.
Post the snack break, Vijay Tholpadi gave a talk on “Supercharged app deployment using Fastlane”. This session focused on how the life of a developer can be made easy using Fastlane. It included a demo on the tools and features.
The session ended with all the presenters being facilitated by TechJini for their contribution to the meetup. The attendees got a take-away of knowledge and a cool laptop sticker designed by TechJini.
TechJini would like to thank Swift Bengaluru Group to help us organise this wonderful event. We look forward to host more such events in future. If you would like to be a part of any future such events at TechJini as an attendee or a presenter; please drop in a mail to university@techjini.com.
To watch the videos from the SwiftBLR meetup at TechJini, please visit:
Presentations for Functional Programming and Apple Watch app development can be downloaded here: https://github.com/SwiftBengaluru/MeetupMaterial/blob/master/12Nov.zip
Code and Slides for Fastlane:
Code: https://github.com/vijaytholpadi/FastlaneDemo
Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/vijaytholpadi/supercharged-app-deployment-using-fastlane