STPI incubation facility in Bangalore

Shyamal Mehta

We recently came to know about the incubation facility that STPI provides to new startups looking for a cost effective and worry free infrastructure. This is really suitable for new units who have not invested in their existing infrastructure and plan to get their own office (leased/owned) in a year’s time. Apart from the infrastructure they also help with HR, legal and accounting functions at extra cost.

It did not turn out suitable for us since we have already invested in our own infrastructure. But had we been aware of this facility when we started, we would have definitely opted for it.

You can contact Remali.R at STPI Bangalore for further information.

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Shyamal Mehta

Shyamal is an experienced technology professional having expertise on the web and mobile technologies. His strength lies in his ability to successfully and repeatedly deliver projects and products (large and small) for a variety of industries.

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