Random differences between CodeIgniter and symfony


1) CodeIgniter is sleek, easy to learn compared to symfony.

2) CodeIgniter project set up time is very less compared to symfony.

3) CodeIgniter works well for something quick and small, symfony hits when it comes for complicated projects.

4) As CodeIgniter does not accept arguments via the command line, you can not call a specific controller or function, a work around should be adopted but it’s not the case with symfony as it provides a concept called task.

5) CodeIgniter does not have any code generators like symfony which completely rocks symfony.

6) Working with fixtures makes life easier in symfony during development phasem, this is missing in codeIgniter again a run  around should be done.

7) Symfony allows to view the queries fired through application development environment but codeIgniter has no such option.

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  1. Juan Carlos Velandia

    July 20, 2010

    CI Rocks!. I’ve been using CI for the last 6 months and and I couldn’t be happier!