Picking the right wireframing tool


While most of us started our wire framing with readily available tools like pencil and paper or MS office, with the increasing complexities and inter dependencies between teams, use of dedicated high-end wire framing softwares have become a norm.

I have worked with 3 of these and my experience with each of these varies.

1) Omnigraffle

Omnigrafffle is helpful for creating elegant, precise wireframes and beautiful user journeys.

However Omnigraffle does not provide clickable prototype as an output.
Omnigraffle is best used for documentation and for one person teams.

2) Axure RP

Axure provides necessary tools for collaborative work. The widget library available reduces the delivery time. Master feature helps in accommodate changes with least effort.
Axure provides HTML prototype which can be demoed.
Azure gives free license to students.

3) Balsamiq

Balsamiq is good for quick and dirty mocks. Balsamic is most designer friendly tool going far enough to provide back ground music while wire framing..

To summarize, choose the tool which meets  your project requirements.

Some pointer

1) Do not use Balsamic for High-fidelity wireframes
2) If client expects clickable prototype use Axure
3) If client expects a single document at end of scrum, use Omnigraffle.
4) If project has multiple interaction designers use Azure.

5) If project has multiple iterations and less stakeholders  use Balsamiq.

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