How are Mobility Solutions Shaping the FMCG Industry

Shyamal Mehta

The FMCG industry has always been dependent on customer preferences and behavioral insights. Earlier these insights were gathered by interviewing individuals, observing customers, attending to customers when they are purchasing and ask for feedback, etc. These were long and drawn out processes that were resourced heavy. It would be imprudent to follow such dated techniques to gather insights in our current digital era.

The industry, as we all know, is customer centric. It is crucial for FMCG organizations to give their customers an engaging experience. In this digital era, the customer has truly taken control of the purchasing process. The only conceivable way to provide an engaging customer experience is through information technology coupled with mobility solutions.

Enter mobility solutions!

Any FMCG business would like their customers to relate to their brand and increase loyalty. The cure for this ill would be the sustained “diagnosing” through digital devices. Mobiles are the best way forward in the digital era. Going mobile will increase sales while helping brands connect with their customers. All this can be done better and create a truly engaging experience.


Google Certified AgencyHow will mobility solutions change the FMCG industry?

1. Firstly, they will end the product battle.

a. Shoppers, often, go to retail stores without knowing where a product would be available. Upon reaching there, they go through the age-old motion of asking the sales representative about the whereabouts of the product.

b. We as humans are visual when it comes to purchasing. Consider this, a customer is strolling down a busy market place and something catches his eye. It is something that he wanted for a very long time but could not find it at his local store. He goes back home elated. This is more of a happenstance rather than a possibility.

c. Mobility solutions tell customers where their desired product is available. You would provide an engaging experience to your customer and his loyalty towards your brand will sustain for a longer period.

2. Secondly, mobility solutions will suggest your customer at the optimum time.

a. Information is everything in the 21st About 50% of buyers do a thorough research about a product before they purchase it. Additionally, about 75% of buyers read about the product they would like to buy on their phone only a few minutes before they actually do!

b. When your customers are near a store that houses your product, getting alerts of newer versions of a product or related products on their mobile devices would ease the decision-making process for them.

3. Thirdly, mobility solutions increase customer loyalty.

a. Apps are a wonderful way to promote your FMCG business. Location based apps are the vogue now. These apps are perfect for alluring customers to make a purchase. Sending them updates on discounts, early bird offers, among others are a fantastic way of increasing your customer loyalty.

Customer insights are golden nuggets. Using these insights gathered through information technology you stand a chance to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

The mobility solutions landscape is evolving faster than imagined. The myriad of possibilities is driving developers to develop mobile apps that are radical to the apps that were first conceived. The IoT revolution is helping the landscape as well. The entire world is practically on the mobile phone right now! And is where FMCG businesses must reach. If you are a FMCG business looking to implement mobility solutions please contact us at

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