How Mobility is Changing The Face of Indian Healthcare


The Healthcare sector in recent times has risen up as one of the largest sectors in India both in terms of revenue and employment. The sector comprises of hospitals, medical devices, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medicinal equipment etc. The healthcare sector in India is growing at a rapid pace due to the adoption of advanced cutting-edge technologies like mobility solutions. The whole sector is expected to touch revenue of around US $280-$300 latest by 2020. Due to increase in the usage of smartphones, tablets and digital devices among the doctors and customers, it has given mobile technology a way to penetrate and provide a strategic opportunity in the healthcare sector. Healthcare mobility solutions entail mobile applications, enterprise mobility platforms to exchange and secure confidential data of patients, doctors, hospital employees, customers etc.  The mobile technology has changed the face of healthcare sector for the traditional method of taking an appointment, visiting the doctor, waiting for the reports to online appointments, or consulting over chats, reports at door step etc. making the life of patients as well as the doctors simpler and hassle free. Some of the advanced changes that the healthcare sector has undergone post-technological are:

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1)    Various start-ups and the enterprises as well have developed various mobile applications which help doctors and end users to be connected anywhere and anytime reducing the amount of time taken and reduction in cost.

2)    Bringing the mobility solution in healthcare has resulted in improved patient care, secured confidential data of patients, reduction in complexities of treatment, detecting diseases at an early stage etc.

3)    Mobile technology has provided strategic opportunity in homecare industry, one of the important part of the healthcare sector, helping companies to provide door step healthcare services like doctor’s visit at home, collecting blood samples and providing reports at your door step. These services have proved to be very helpful in the case of elderly patients, pregnant women etc.

4)    Mobile technology and the cutting edge mobility technology have also open doors of employment to many medical practitioners and doctors who are residing in urban or remote areas. The technology provides a platform to this talented population to connect directly with the patients.

5)    There are few incredible mobile applications available in the market which can help people upload the doctor’s prescription and purchase medicines, medical equipment etc. just with a push of a button, making life simpler and hassle free.

Apart from these technological advances which we are witnessing in our day to day life, the modern healthcare sector is all set to head towards implementing the new technological trend i.e. Internet of Things and wearables. IoT and wearables are the latest tread in mobility technology and are changing the way people interact with the surroundings. IoT technology helps tremendously in the case of those patients who need constant and close monitoring. It allows the equipment to collect the data and with the help of cloud technology directly presents it to the physician for further analysis of the information, this helps eliminate the frequent visits of the physician and at the same time provides automated data or information to the physician. In this way, IoT helps in enabling a better quality of healthcare services and also reducing the cost of such services making it affordable to a larger portion of the population. Whereas, wearables help patients to track and monitor their health report. The device gets connected easily with the applications of the smartphones and provides information to the patient regarding his sleep, heart rate, calories burnt etc. acting as a personal fitness adviser on a day to day life.

IoT and wearables are still in their early phases and currently have been adapted dominantly by healthcare and wellness sector. But this innovative technology if tapped into properly is going to be a game-changer for the healthcare sector both in terms of well-being and business.

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    December 18, 2017

    Great Post!!
    I loved your blog post and here you shared rising popularity of mobility for healthcare sector which makes healthcare process easy, secure and reliable. The great way to help healthcare sector using enterprise mobility.

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