Mobile Application Development Trends for 2017

Punit Kumar

The all pervading nature of the digital in our lives is so obvious, it needs no statistic to support the argument. Even more obvious is the ever changing nature of this industry. In an interview at the Gartner Conference on mobile application development, Gene Phifer said

Get comfortable with change. As digital business develops, technologies, priorities and business needs will shift quickly. Get used to running a heterogeneous environment and connecting and integrating with assets beyond your control. Embrace diversity and complexity as facts of digital business architectures..

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In 2016 the emphasis was on Enterprise applications, IoT, smart machines, VR and wearables among others. Some of these trends will continue in 2017 and there will be a shift in focus for some others.

7 Mobile application development trends to look out for in the upcoming year

1. Focus on security

Gartner predicts that by 2017, 75% of mobile security breaches will be because of app misconfiguration. While technology is moving at breakneck speed, there is always the ground reality that the average user is not that clever. According to a survey conducted by TransUnion’s Cyber Security, more than 75 million smartphone users admit that while they are afraid of cyber attacks, they have not set a password for their smartphones. Such a simple and basic security check is ignored. Instead of continuing to be surprised by results like this, app developers will see a lot of benefit from looking for ways to meet the increased need for security through their apps.

2. Smart homes and smart cities

Several smart city projects are well underway around the world. On September 26th, USPS unveiled 5 smart city projects in the US. Some of the smart city projects include ideas like detecting cracks in the road before they become potholes. Now, some of these projects are being worked upon in collaboration with Carnegie Melon, but this points to a larger trend that is afoot. Smart homes and smart cities are the way of the future. Apple by launching its smart home app in its latest IOS update is attempting to integrate all the smart objects in your home through one app. You could ask Siri to shut down all the lights in the living room or check on the safety of your home from half way around the world with these developments. App developers are just starting to discover what is possible with this kind of technology and the road is wide open for innovation and new ideas.

3. Enterprise apps

Research on 2016 pointed to a phenomenal increase in Enterprise spending on mobile apps. But a garter report earlier this year suggests that the actual spending for such initiatives in fact has remained low – a statistic that is confirmed by many other studies in the area. There is a gap between the demand and supply.

We’re seeing demand for mobile apps outstrip available development capacity, making quick creation of apps even more challenging. Mobile strategists must use tools and techniques that match the increase in mobile app needs within their organizations. – Leow in the Gartner report

A good example of enterprise apps is a CRM mobile app that can pull up the relevant customer information  quickly and at the same time keeps senior management updated about the stage at which the sales process is. While the need for such apps is high, companies are lagging in their investment in this area, a trend that is likely to change this year.

4. IoT and mobile apps

The potential of IoT and mobile apps is tremendous and is here to stay. We have just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. The applications extend from smart healthcare to the energy sector, transportation systems, security, the list is endless. Integration of IoT with apps is taking what is possible to the next level. IoT is exploding and it is made of billions of devices. It is predicted that we will go from 2 billion objects to a projected 200 billion by 2020. potential of IoT and mobile apps                                                                                          Source

5. Cross platform app development

This is a no brainer. With the proliferation of devices, the average user wants to be able to use an application irrespective of the device she/he started using it on. The typical user uses two devices at a time and it will become a basic requirement very soon that users can move between mobile, desktop, tablet and wearables without any barrier. Performance, features, capabilities from any app are going to be device agnostic. You could start searching for a route on your mobile and have the GPS in your car show you the directions without any effort and the app developers of 2017 will only continue to push the boundaries in this area.

6. Marriage of bots and apps

In 2016, bots were the rage. Some people even seem to think that bots might completely replace apps. But bots and apps intrinsically serve different purposes and could in fact complement each other. The app is created for primarily a visual experience while bots are more conversational.  Say for example you want to book a vacation, a bot could easily look at your past history, check when you typically go for your vacations and then through a typical app, complete that reservation for you.

7. Emphasis on UX is going strong

The importance of UI and UX design is not going to lose any importance for the foreseeable future. With decreasing attention spans and tougher competition, UI/UX can make all the difference between winning and losing. High focus on efficiency with applications that fit into the apple watch as easily and seamlessly as they would on the desktop only makes the challenge harder.

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