Mobile App Developers Meetup February 2017

TechJini recently hosted the Mobile App Developers Bangalore Meetup on 11th February 2017. This was the group’s second meetup. The attendees were a mix of developers, technical leads and tech start up entrepreneurs from different technology background with an interest in Android. The meetup had 2 speakers, both from TechJini.

Mobile App Developers

The meetup kick started at 10 AM with a “Host Talk” by Shravya Shridhar who plays the role of an architect at TechJini. TechJini also showcased the “Google Dev Agency Spotlight” video which gave more insight to the company’s work capabilities.

AndroidThings IoT


The first session was taken by Devavrata Sharma who gave a talk on “AndroidThings – IoT” and also did a demo using AndroidThings and Raspberry Pi. This was a healthy discussion which helped the audience to understand Google’s AndroidThings IoT platform. The attendees also got an idea on the scope of AndroidThings IoT with current and future dimension of technology along with knowledge on how to setup and configure it with Android Studio.

Tea Break and Networking

The meetup had a small tea break where the attendees interacted with each other. Post the break, Shweta Garg gave a hands on session on “Text Detection using Google Mobile Vision Api”. Shweta explained how Google has come up with few ML APIs; and Google mobile vision is one of that. This includes the ability to detect faces, scan barcodes, and recognize text. She also showed how Text recognition API can identify text in a static image. Using this API, one can automate data entry, generate text file etc. This works in real time as well as on static image.

Google Mobile Vision Api

The meetup ended with all the presenters being facilitated by TechJini and the Mobile App Developers Bangalore Meetup group for their contribution to the meetup.

Mobile App DevelopersMobile App Developers

TechJini would like to thank everyone who helped us organise this insightful event. We look forward to host more such events in future. If you would like to be a part of any future such events at TechJini as an attendee or a presenter; please drop in a mail to

You can download a copy of the presentation below:
AndroidThings IoT
Google Mobile Vision

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