How to Make Your Apps iOS 11 Compatible


Apple has announced the release of iOS 11 from September this year for the iOS devices. Now, most of the iOS phones and iPads will run on iOS 11 in some time. Running iOS 11 on user’s phone may affect your application. App owners need to identify whether their apps are going to get affected with iOS 11 release or not. Get in touch with us to do a free analysis of your app to check iOS 11 compatibility.

Below are the key points which can make your app incompatible with iOS 11.

The major change with iOS 11 is removing support to 32-bit. Any app which is supporting only 32-bit will no longer be accessible on Apple store. App owners need to update their app to support 64-bit architecture. All 32-bit apps which are installed on user’s device will not launch with iOS 11. It is high time to add 64-bit support to the application. To support the 64-bit architecture, the developer has to perform set of exercises which include OS upgrade, fixing all Xcode warnings, remove deprecated code paths, fixing bugs, test the application on 64-bit devices and last but not the least releasing application to the app store.

Second major change is in 3rd party rating. Applications which are using 3rd parties to get the ratings for application, will not be permitted now. Developers have to use official API for requesting rating and reviews. Any application which is using custom review prompts will be rejected. Also, Apple has limited rating prompts to the user by 3 per year. Now the application has to prompt for rating wisely. What time, when and which screen the rating should be prompted that should be decided in a better way.

Apart from these points, there are other changes with iOS 11 which can make your application better for your users.

Now user can start in-app purchase from the app store without installing your app or before installing your app. You can promote in-app purchases on the product page and the same can be searched on the app store. App owners can add 20 products, 3 previews and promotional text on the product page. This will give them better exposure to reach out to users. With this, business chat and phase released are 2 more changes in App store which allows app owners to reach out to app users.

From the development point of view, an application should adopt new functionalities in UIKit which includes large title bars with integrated search, landscape tap bars, more powerful swipe actions etc. Adopting these in the application will provide better user experience.

Since you are planning to upgrade app for iOS 11, it is a good time to include IPV6 support and HTTPS in the app, if it is not there in your application. Don’t wait to get rejected, plan to update your application with iOS 11 soon. Contact us to do a free analysis of your application.

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