Is an idea necessary?

Shyamal Mehta

When we started TechJini, we did not have any particular killer-app in our mind. Of course, we had several ideas that seemed to be promising but we had not decided which one to pursue. When I was talking with my managers and other colleagues (from my previous job), everyone was surprised that we did not have a product idea to start with leave alone a demo/beta version.

We had simply founded the company based on our determination to make a difference to the technology industry in particular and the world in general. However, we did not have the next big idea to start with. We based the company on a common set of values, mission, goals and few contacts who could give us work :). One of the goals, indeed, is to have an innovative offering (or the big idea if you may) ready by some date. But we decided to go ahead and leave our jobs and to brainstorm over the first few months of operations for that killer app.

Since TechJini is just a few months old, we cannot yet ascertain our success or failure. Only time will tell.

But, I do firmly believe that an idea is not central to creating a startup. It definitely gives a big boost but is not necessary. Over the last few months as we learned that really good ideas are hard to come by and also difficult to recognize, it seems we did the right thing since waiting for figuring out that killer app could have taken too long.

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Shyamal Mehta

Shyamal is an experienced technology professional having expertise on the web and mobile technologies. His strength lies in his ability to successfully and repeatedly deliver projects and products (large and small) for a variety of industries.