Introduction to 360° Videos

Punit Kumar

Ads are Getting Ignored

People’s buying habits have drastically evolved over the years.

Glittery banner ads that would force your product down the visitor’s throat may have worked in the past. Visitors would either grudgingly click on an ad, or as was the case more often, they would click on it unwittingly.

A major drawback that traditional ads had was that they were not sufficiently engaging. When display advertising made its foray into the world of marketing, many marketers struggled with deriving results from it, despite the magnitude of ad spend. Most of them knew only one way of doing display advertising and that was to bombard innocent website visitors with aggravating ads. These ads would often lack both context and value. It wasn’t long before display ads were viewed with great distrust, and website visitors installed various tools to prevent ads from showing.

The world held onto this notion for a while. Marketers started to shy away from asking management to shell out money for intrusive banner ads because they were being ignored by their audience anyway.

Fast Forward to 2016, We see a New Trend in Digital Advertising.

Customers of this age expect intuitive and entertaining advertisements. It is not too much of a stretch to say that customers now only respond to ads that don’t even seem like one! As a result, the field of marketing is constantly evolving.

Could 360° Videos be the Future of Advertising?

Marketers are constantly bombarded by new trends, technologies, and strategies. These new concepts make lofty promises:

Help companies stand out from the crowd and really impact the consumer

Help marketers do their job better and drive meaningful results, in terms of growing the brand and creating enough whir around the company and its products

And finally, help achieve the ultimate goal of driving more sales

One such technology that is creating major buzz in the marketing world is Immersive 360 and its partner, Virtual Reality (VR).

Although it has become a hot trend over the last few years, VR has been around for a long time now. With some of the biggest companies in the world harnessing the potential of VR by pumping billions of dollars into it, this intriguing technology has been brought to the spotlight like never before.

Why 360 Videos?

The excited conversation around this new concept is justifiable – it is immersive, intuitive, engaging and has the astounding ability to elicit brain states, emotions and brand recall that no other medium is capable of achieving at this point.

360 videos are inherently more compelling and fascinating, especially when compared to the 2D content we’ve been forced to consume for the past few decades.

It offers marketers the ability to engage and interact with their audience like never before, making it a highlighted term in the marketer’s dictionary

Marketers around the world will agree that ad engagement is currently dismal to say the least. With CTRs (click through rates) hovering around the zero range, marketers are desperate for an opportunity to finally see some ad engagement and a hopeful boost to their CTRs.

360 Videos might finally offer the elixir to banner blindness, a gargantuan challenge for any marketer.

virtual reality consumer adoptionAccording to the 2016 virtual reality consumer adoption report, consumers feel connected to a brand that sponsors VR.

1. 71% of consumers agree that a brand that sponsors VR is forward-thinking and modern.

2. 52% of consumers agree that they’d like to be associated with that brand.

3. 62% of the consumers would feel engaged with a brand that sponsors a VR experience.

4. 53% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that sponsors a VR experience.

360 videos offer an exquisite amalgam of technology and entertainment that appeal to the psyche of the consumer. While we can’t deny that spammy ads still abound, we are happy to note that businesses now have the opportunity and the right technology to help them make their brand stand out. We guarantee you that 360 videos are going to cause a revolution in the near future and that’s why we want you in on the crazy ride.

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