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I was waiting for our designer to show me some htmls so in the meantime I thought of ‘browsing’ Google Trends
I looked at the home page for couple of minutes thinking how can this be helpful, after looking at the listed examples first thing that caught my attention was “Tip: You can compare searches by separating with commas.” and I clicked on “music, fashion, sex“. Ok, so I saw a big graph and the searches per region. India was at number six but what was interesting to see was the orange bar. Indians are googling way more for word ‘sex’ than anyone else in the world. It instantly made me think if searches on google are indication of people’s interest then I can find other interesting information for eg.
– Which country is most likely to be shopping online? Gift, shopping US, UK, Australia
– What sells more jewellery, clothes, flowers? – clothes.
– What about India? – Flowers. And guess what punjab is on the top.
– Which country might be having most Java programmers. India and Bangalore on top.
– Which is more common java, .net, php, ruby, python. Java wins by clear margin and again India and Bangalore
– Which place in India might have most struts programmers. Noida and Pune.
Mysql more famous or postgreSQL Mysql
Where are most people searching for jobs? India, UK
– Most Kerala people are looking for matrimonial sites.
– Some obvious ones India, Pakistan searches most on cricket and US, Canada on baseball

I couldn’t make sense to following searches.
– Why is India searching for India?
– Also ‘outsourcing’?
– What could this mean? startups

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  1. Sumedh

    December 13, 2007

    May be the reason why ‘India’ is searched is people search for “something in India” like “best company to work for in India”…