Infographic: What Consumers Say About Digital Health

Robby Gupta

Digital technologies are successfully revolutionizing the core functionalities of several industries. And healthcare is no different.

From increasing patient engagement and staff productivity to bridging provider-patient gap to facilitating better storage capabilities, digital health solutions provide endless opportunities for healthcare organizations to improve the efficacy of delivery systems.

However the success of any digital health solution largely depends on consumers’ willingness to adopt these technologies.

Over the course of the past decade, the team at Techjini has built bespoke, secure digital health solutions for several Fortune healthcare organizations across the world.

mHealth ebook

Our solutions in this space include:

mHealth Application Development

Healthcare Web & Portal Development

Healthcare Digital Transformation Consulting Services

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Solutions For Healthcare

As we continue to evolve in this space, It is really important for us to keep an eye on what consumers are saying about digital health. So we put together this infographic to delve into important statistics and trends from authoritative sources in order to gauge and demonstrate how consumers are responding to digital health.

Digital Health Infographic

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Robby Gupta

Robby Gupta is the head of US operations for TechJini, Inc. He has had varied experiences working in New York, Cupertino, and Bangalore with packaged & amp; custom web and mobile app development for an assortment of industries. His current focus is Immersive Technologies, IoT, AI bots and their applications in the digital enterprise.