What are the Industry Trends in 2017

Dinesh Grandhi

                                                                    Industry Trends in 2017

Technology, Mobile apps, and Digital space will grow in size and space in 2017, also creating new opportunities, new challenges and new hick ups for market players. Opportunities are very phenomenal in 2017, especially technology, mobile app, gaming apps and digitalization have broadened the scope and opportunities.

Top trends that will soar in 2017:

1.Revenue growth: Mobile advertising has been a money generating machine for quite a while and this trend is going to list on the top, regardless hatreds from consumer and fraud ad bots. Google predicts to generate net global revenues through digital ads could be around 60 percent by 2018.

2.Messaging apps: We certainly know, mobile apps monetization has been a trend that helped many small size organizations survive for quite a while and indeed it has been success mantra for several folks. This year many sources predicting messaging apps like messenger, WhatsApp etc, could be new trends for mobile advertisers, which has been untapped.

3.Preventing fraud ads: This is one of the critical areas for advertisers, traffic sources, publishers, mediator to contemplate about. Communication and working together on critical things are the essence of success – Categorizing the issue and course of actions on things on the radar will yield a sweet success in preventing fraud ads.

4.Cyber bots : There were many incidences advertisers suffered from loss because of fake clicks and views by cyber bots. To protect advertising, new technology will emerge resembling same technology which helps many institutes from hackers, an initiative is taken by worlds of cyber security and anti-ad fraud to detect such bots and threats.

5.China’s ad spends growth : Currently, US continued to be on the top of the list in the ad market in the world and growth rate significantly states a very good number, however, this may change by end of 2017. In my recent reads, a premier company published china’s potential growth rate could be almost twice as fast as the global growth rate.

6.Consumers views on online ads & concerns : According to a recent survey 87 percent of consumers said they would prefer ad blocker and 58 percent stated they are annoyed by rolling ads. Finding new ways to create entertaining and less intrusive media will become a high priority to avoid alienating viewers. 31 percent of U.S Internet users are using ad-blocking software. That’s saddening part for marketers, advertisers, and publishers as they could lose money if browsers prevent ads from reaching the ad server. Big networks such as Google and Facebook had put pressure on mobile operators not to block ads. Some mobile networks have already pulled back from ad blocking as a result of their influence.

7.Programmatic Advertising: This has been a crucial aspect over digital display ads. Marketers, advertisers and publishers to help get rid of non-entertaining, unwanted, irrelevant, and fake traffic will be a high priority for 2017 in order to improve the user experience and increase ad effectiveness.

8.Beacon with Integrated GPS Technology: Predominantly, retail enterprises have the advantage over the time. This trend is expected to have high demand in 2017 and travel sector also going to adopt this technology for better customer experience and satisfaction.

9.Cloud-based mobile apps: This trend is very much fast moving, now cloud based mobile apps for a quick access to rich data, graphics, functions and secured. Potentially, preference will be given to cloud-based mobile apps in the coming month, this may crawl from enterprise level to startups, as we can see this is already in motion in the USA.

10.IOT: Though, the growth of IOT is still a little uncertain, considering consumers interest connecting mob with other devices like wearables, Google glass, cars etc. Definitely, IOT seem to breathe in the market and consumer electronics companies will adopt and we could see significant growth in the near future.

11.Drones: One of the best things which could happen this year. Amazon, Google, and many companies are racing to launch drone delivery services. Also, we will be using Drones with mobile for several purposes, phenomenal in the current market. Mobile developers are expedited the process to solve issues to control this technology, from vulnerabilities. We can see this technology pacing up in a little while to make lives easier.

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