The Importance Of Tracking Customer Sentiment On Mobile


From the beginning of the twenty-first century, the internet has empowered users to communicate and produce online data in a steady pace. Though this phenomenon looks overwhelming at the core, a majority of the information generated is in a disorganized format. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to disentangle and scrutinize the required data. Business organizations are finding it extremely challenging to understand the pulse and dissect the behavioral patterns of their respective customer base.

Why is Tracking Customer’s Sentiment Important?

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a procedure used to determine the way customers are reacting to certain topics, products, and services. This process helps in understanding the attitude of the writer about a certain subject, whether it is happy, sad or disinterested. Sentiment analysis plays an important role in

  • Tailoring the services and experiences provided by an organization to the appropriate emotional and behaviour states of different customers
  • Evaluating the emotions in user developed content such as user reviews.
  • Social media sentiment analysis can provide accurate insights and information which help in improving campaign success, customer service and determining the marketing strategy.

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While it is important to analyze and track customers sentiments, it is extremely vital to choose the right person, right time and most importantly the right platform. Decision making without a good sentiment analysis algorithm can lead to disastrous results.

There are many channels such as website, phone, social media, blogs, etc. through which customer’s sentiments could be tracked. An accurate sentiment analysis report mainly depends on the number of responses received from customers.These reactions could be in the form of ratings, reviews, recommendations or any other type of emotional expressions and opinions.The primary disadvantage of tracking customer’s sentiment through regular channels (mentioned above) is that the number of responses that can be collected is very less.

Four reasons why tracking customer’s sentiment on mobile is highly significant.

1. Faster Evaluation of Customer Responses

It is very easy to track customer’s responses with a device that is as readily available as a mobile.The number of reactions can be increased greatly by using a mobile platform. Unlike other platforms, responses are collected at a much higher rate on a mobile.This large volume of customer responses in a short time can help companies take quick and better actions.

Reports have concluded that 65 percent of all digital media time is spent on mobiles.

2. Easy Segmentation and Personalization of the Customer Base

Mobile can be termed as the most important channel for Net Promoter score.It is possible to hear from almost half of your customer base only through mobile. By gathering so much of NPS data, easy segmentation of customers based on how they are feeling about a particular product and service is possible. This segmentation helps in establishing better-personalized communication with various groups of the customer base.It is easy to find out who are expressing satisfaction and who are not.

3. Better and Faster Customer Service

According to a study conducted by, 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better customer service experience.

By segmenting the customer base based on a sentiment analysis report, an automated mobile app customer service system can be adopted by which a lot of time could be saved while setting up a manual system. By using a mobile, you can provide a broad range of customized information or services based on the preferences and sentiments a particular customer exhibits and go that extra mile in your customer service. Nurturing a customer’s interest can move them up the NPS scale.

4. Better App Description Language

Tracking of customer’s sentiment in a mobile platform helps in determining the language and choice of words written in the app descriptions of each app category.An app related to business and medical category can contain words which are linked to trust, frequently.Research has shown that the usage of particular emotion words (depending on the context) in a mobile app description can impact a user’s behavior (downloading) towards the app. The combination of different emotion words specified for each app category aids app publishers in choosing the right description of an app.

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