How TechJini Became One of the First Certified Google Developer Agencies


TechJini Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is now a certified Google Developer Agency. We are 1 out of 13, first set of certified developer agency throughout the globe.

TechJini was one of the pilot agencies to be included in the early access of this program. Our Android team engaged with the Google Developer Relations team and shared their experience so far in the evolution of Android ecosystem. We provided the Google team a glimpse into our app development methodologies and our process to build world class apps. Our customers’ success stories enabled by the engineering brilliance of our tech team eventually positioned us as a certified agency!

  • Why are we a Certified Google Developer Agency:
    We craft our apps with complete focus on the end user. We ensure that the end user’s experience is given priority over everything else.
  • We keep optimizing and evolving the app by incorporating user feedback continuously.
  • We create our apps with Material Design and Material Transitions which makes the end user experience more engaging and more attractive.
  • Our apps invariably have the tiniest memory and network footprint so that we offer our users a consistent experience in all network conditions equally!
  • We always adopt early access technologies to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and keep our users and customers ahead of the curve and delighted.
  • We follow the best practices out there for our tools, languages, architecture and process.


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