How Critical is Understanding Buyers before Developing a Mobile App?

Robby Gupta

Today’s customer has gotten used to purchasing goods and services through mobile applications. The advent of new technologies has made it easier to buy things in just a few taps. According to an estimate by eMarketer, the global retail e-commerce in 2017 reached USD 2.3 trillion in which mobile commerce contributed 58.9% or USD 1.4 trillion.

Though customers get an easily accessible buying platform via mobile apps, the developers, UI/UX designers, and the app project managers work vigorously to make a user intuitive product. The most crucial stage of the entire mobile app development process is understanding the buyer persona.

Understanding your buyers

In this age of the customer, you know and understand that a product’s primary objective is to satisfy and delight the customer. Hence, prior to developing and launching a mobile app, it is important for you to study your ideal buyers. This will ultimately assist you in the development of an app that suits your customer needs perfectly.

When you study your buyers’ persona, you get an overall idea of what your customers want and what they expect from you. Moreover, you also get a closer look at their major pain points. Understanding your buyers will also reduce the cost involved in the mobile app development process by allowing you to aim to restrain you from involving in unnecessary experimentation.

Creating a buyer persona

A buyer persona is created by studying a group of individuals who share similar traits. They are prospective customers for the research or analysis being conducted. This helps in understanding the customer traits a particular business is targeting. They are created at the initial stage of the research relating to the mobile development process. A perfectly created buyer persona will ensure you comprehend what your target customers think and what problems they are likely to face. As a result, you develop a mobile app that is as per their convenience and absolutely free of issues.


When you aim at studying customers to develop an ideal mobile app, it is necessary to focus on the three major parameters:

  • ◙ Pain points

The prospective customers will provide your feedback after using your mobile app. This will let you understand the problems that your target consumers are likely to face. To achieve this, you can offer them similar apps and list the issues they face. Taking those points into consideration, you can develop a better mobile app for your business.

  • ◙ Friendly platform

Imagine yourself in the shoes of your customers. You will surely prefer a mobile app that is easily available online and offers an easy navigation. In case, it’s not, you will go looking for alternatives. The same applies to your target consumers. If they don’t get your app instantly, they will prefer your competitors’ mobile app. Plus, if the interface is complex, they won’t stick with it.

  • ◙ Understanding the competitors

The best way to understand customers is through getting the feedback from your competitor’s customer base. Obtaining feedback from them will be a great help. It will give you an idea of what problems are still unsolved in the mobile apps yet. As a result, the mobile app that you develop would stand out in the crowd, thereby making it one of the unique technological products in town.


When you study buyer persona, you must explore what features your customers desire to have on your mobile app.

  • ◙ Easily discoverable app

When you launch your mobile app after the complete research and analysis of buyer persona, the buyers must find your mobile app easily. If the list is big and your app appears after too many names in app stores, there are chances that purchasers would skip it. Therefore, make sure your app is easily found online.

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  • ◙ User-friendly interface

Once your app is downloaded and it is ready to be used, the next thing the users will consider is the interface. The interface is liked by users only when it makes accessing features easy. If the functioning is complicated, they might not come back. Thus, offering user-friendly and easily navigable tabs and options in the mobile app is crucial.

  • ◙ Free app

You should let the download be free of cost. This way, more and more target customers will engage in using it. In fact, you will also get an opportunity to obtain feedback from the consumers and customize your app accordingly.

  • ◙ Discounts

To lure customers, especially for the first time, you can introduce rewards and offers. They are always looking for better products at lesser rates. If you introduce discount coupons for people ordering products using the mobile app, it will not only satisfy your existing customers but also attract more people towards your brand and services. Rewarding your customers’ loyalty makes them your permanent customers.

  • ◙ Security

When customers want to order products through your mobile app, they will look for a secure platform to pay online. You must ensure a safe and secure payment gateway for them. This is one of the most important features of any app installed in mobile phones.


Once you have analyzed the needs and desires of customers, you know what you should have in your mobile app. Undoubtedly, understanding buyers and their feedback are daunting but it’s all worth it.

  • ◙ You have a user-focused app.

As you created the buyer persona, you got to study the specific needs and desires of your customers. With this, you had a chance to know the focus areas of your app, which thereby helped you to make user-focused decisions. Thus, your customers will get exactly what they want from you.

  • ◙ You have your target customers.

A buyer persona does not only help you know the needs of your customers but also lets you understand the type of customers you should target. As a result, you now know which group of people your app needs to aim at for your goods and services to be purchased. Therefore, you can approach your target customers through different channels easily.

  • ◙ You have a mutual agreement.

When your app development process considers the feedback or opinion from skilled and expert individuals from various domains of your organization, you will get multiple views. This may lead to the difference in opinions. However, when you acquire buyer persona, all your opinions lay on the same page. This means all your team members come to a uniform conclusion. The decisions to be made, therefore, are consistent and more accurate.

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If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business, you must study your customer base first. Only this would lead to more focused decisions for your business. Knowing the determinants driving the process of understanding customers will help you be aware of the areas to focus on while creating a buyer persona.

In today’s technologically driven society, having a portable app is a must. However, before you launch one, you must ensure that the app is up to the mark from the users’ perspective. You may face a lot of hurdles during the process of understanding buyers but if done sequentially, it will reap fruitful results. To have a successful business, you must have an intelligent and easily accessible mobile app, representing your business.

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