Height of ‘plagiarism’


Today while generating leads Santosh came across one of the most shocking and ridiculous ways companies seem to be ‘trying’ to do business.

Verna Technologies – I thought a lot but I have no idea what these guys are trying to do. They have copied our site word by word, even the founders name 🙂 Only thing that is different is their address.

I tried to call the number but it is switched off, tried to contact their domain registrar but they are not working on Saturday. Will evaluate on Monday after talking to them once whether this calls for a legal action or not.

Are they real? or are they really so creative that they can’t even write what they have to offer?
TJHome | VernaHome
TJAbout | VernaAbout


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  1. Sintu

    August 29, 2009

    These people don’t even know how to copy. Please find them and take legal action

  2. Ved

    September 2, 2009

    Lol, I guess that clearly means, Techjini has risen to a level where others can follow :), I just saw the site, lol .. its crazy

  3. K Srikrishna

    October 17, 2009

    What ever did happen here? did you ever get to the bottom of this and how was it resolved. Curious.

  4. Brian

    November 26, 2009

    Very remarkable entry to read on.. I am really amazed with this article. Looking forward for more info.