Google Cloud Next’17 Extended – TechJini, Bangalore

TechJini will host the upcoming “Google Cloud Next’17 Extended” at Bangalore. The event is scheduled for 11th March 2017 and would run from 10 AM-6 PM.

TechJini is one of the very few in the Bangalore developer community to host this event. Being a Google Certified Developer Agency, TechJini’s team will receive first-hand resources and guidance from the Google team for this event.

Next ’17 Extended event at TechJini, Bangalore allows us to bring our local community together to experience tech talks, code labs and also view keynotes from the San Francisco Next’17 event. The call for speakers is open; you can submit your talk proposal to

You can register for the event here:

About TechJini:
TechJini specializes in next-gen technologies which include Mobile, Cloud, Internet-of-Things and Big Data services. Leveraging the rapid adoption of mobile, the company has gained considerable traction to become one of the most recognized developers with millions of touch-points daily over both their enterprise and consumer-oriented applications. Their mobile apps, in particular, have routinely featured in the top 100 across all the major app stores and have garnered several million downloads to date.

About Cloud Next event:
The Cloud Next event will take place in San Francisco. It is an event that brings together developers, executives, customers, partners, IT decision makers, and Google engineers to build the future of the cloud.
This will be the largest event in Google’s history. Google Cloud engineers, customers, and partners will gather for inspiration and hands-on experiences with tools, technologies, and services born in the Cloud, including the latest developments from Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Maps, and Devices.

Media Contact:
Prachi Ostwal