What every developer needs to know about Immersive Technologies with Sam Watts

Robby Gupta

Questions we ask in this episode:

1. How is developing an immersive technology app different from developing a normal app?

2. What are the testing issues that can arise and different things to consider when testing?

3. Where are we as far as hardware readiness is concerned?

4. What are the various UI/UX considerations that need be taken into account?

5. What are your thoughts on Unity 3D as a development platform for these technologies?

6. What will be the asset (virtual) dependency on 3d modelling?

7. What is your parting advice to developers starting out their immersive journey?


about the author

Robby Gupta

Robby Gupta is the head of US operations for TechJini, Inc. He has had varied experiences working in New York, Cupertino, and Bangalore with packaged & amp; custom web and mobile app development for an assortment of industries. His current focus is Immersive Technologies, IoT, AI bots and their applications in the digital enterprise.