droidconIN 2016

India’s biggest Android Developer conference, droidconIN was held at MLR Convention Centre – JP Nagar, Bangalore on 10th & 11th November 2016. Devavrata Sharma from Android team was a speaker at the event. His talk on “Brillo and Weave – IoT, the next thunderstorm” focussed on Android IoT space, with an insight on Brillo and Weave.


Meet Brillo and Weave – Google’s solution to the fragmented and disconnected world of IoT devices.


Brillo is an Android-based operating system from Google targeted to low-power IoT devices(such as the Edison).
Weave is a JSON-based communication layer that aims to standardise how IoT devices communicate with users, each other, and the web. Brillo comes with Weave baked into it, but Weave can be used independently with other platforms.

You can download a copy of his presentation below.

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About droidconIN:
droidconIN is part of the world wide series of conferences that happens in London, Paris, Berlin, Netherlands, Tunis, Ankara and Brussels. The first edition of droidconIN was at Bangalore in Nov 2011. This is the sixth year of droidconIN. The conference focuses on software development on Android.

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Brillo and Weave – droidconIN 2016