Driving Improved Decisions with Data Analytics

Robby Gupta

Data is an invaluable resource for companies to streamline their strategic priorities and achieve business objectives. Information overload brings the dire need to accumulate relevant data and gather useful insights that can drive better decision-making in the organization. Today, companies focus on making their business processes more efficient with the help of data and information. Gaining a competitive edge has become their main priority and data is the key through which they plan to stay ahead in the market. Data analytics has now become one of the top contributors to improving business decision-making.

Why should business leaders be making decisions based on gut feeling when they have a vast amount of data available with them for making informed decisions? Data can help in improving business efficiency, maximizing customer satisfaction, and multiplying the revenue.

But is accumulating data enough for business success?

Data in itself is a useful resource but not sufficient to make decisions. What data needs is analytics to gather valuable insights for serving the customers and the business. Experts in the analytical field have experience in a wide array of data analytics capabilities. From descriptive analysis to predictive analytics, data analysts utilize their expertise to improve profitability through actionable insights. Not only at the executive level, analysts now use data and find insights that serve the financial, technical, risk management, and customer service departments as well.

How do you begin with Data analytics?

With the help of data analytics, businesses can transform their processes and make consumer-centric decisions. While data has always been there in business processes, analytics changes the entire perspective. Making a comprehensive plan for analyzing data is the first step you must take to improve your organizational performance.

Gain a competitive edge

Data analytics helps companies to accumulate data from different sources and compare their performance with the competition. This enables them to identify where they are lagging and make improvements. Data analytics plays a major role in enhancing the decision-making process. Companies get real-time insights into every department including sales, finance, and HR by evaluating and finding patterns in the data. It helps them to plan better and stay ahead of the competition along with optimizing their operational efficiency.

Visualize data

Data is nothing but raw numbers, facts, and figures. The textual content creates clutter because it remains unstructured. Then data becomes nothing but the clutter from which you need to understand information. Data analytics enables visually analyzing the data through comprehensive tools. Power BI, Tableau, Logi are a few tools that help in presenting the data into visually appealing charts for drawing insights. The users get a wide perspective on the data and they can interpret newer meanings with the help of graphical representation of the gathered data.

Product development

Data analytics helps in predicting the outcomes and making informed decisions based on accumulated knowledge. It enables organizations to get an understanding of their current performance and make plans for the future based on more accurate predictions. Companies can understand the present state of the market and evaluate whether they need to set new product development goals or not. They can then create a suitable product that matches the customer requirements with the help of market insights gathered through data analytics.

Better targeting

Data analytics gives you a deeper insight into what the customer wants. Finding out their requirements gives you an edge in marketing and enables you to develop customer-centric campaigns. You can then create customized advertisements and give them a personalized offering. Through analytics, you can determine which customer base likes what kind of product and which campaign is working with what customers. When you know where and how to target the customer, you save a lot of cost in determining how to reach your customers from every channel.

Efficient operations

The biggest advantage of data analytics is the achievement of operational efficiency. Companies can identify opportunities with the help of data analytics and find out where they should invest to get the maximum returns. They can find out which operations delivered the maximum results and how they can reap more benefits out of it. Operational efficiency through data analytics has been achieved by early adopters in the long run. You don’t need a lot of data to make informed decisions; you just need the right type of data to draw valuable insights in your particular industry.

Manage risk

eCompanies are facing a lot of risks in every field they invest in. With data analytics, they can predict the risks involved and determine ways to tackle it. By accumulating data from all departments at one central location, you can analyze the amount of overall risk that is involved and build strategies to minimize it. Data models enable managers to take risky decisions based on calculations, patterns, and insights drawn from the data. It provides agility to the entire process of decision-making and makes the organization flexible to changes in the long run.

Improving productivity has been the major focus of every organization since always. You want to reduce costs but improve the overall efficiency of employees.

Data analytics makes that happen. It is a key factor in driving performance towards the growth of the organization. From making targeted campaigns to making key decisions based on performance metrics, data analytics has a wide range of uses.

Whether business analytics or supply chain analytics, data evaluation and monitoring provide insights for every department to make informed business decisions.

The market changes rapidly and you have to be on your toes if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Identifying new opportunities and entering more markets is definitely a priority by data analytics should not be left behind.

You need to integrate data with your core strategy because it helps in aligning your business processes with the goals of the organization. Data analytics has become the need of the hour as it helps in predicting the future and make informed decisions in the present.

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