Democratic Company – everyone tells how their performance should be evaluated.


We have these open sessions regularly in our company where everyone talks about why they chose TechJini, what they like here, what should be changed, we share company’s vision, goals and make everyone understand how they are part of it.
Today’s session was to decide ‘appraisal policy’ i.e. on what criteria company should judge performance. Following are the inputs and will form the basis of our policy.

  1. Initiative / pro-activeness – Do I wait for work to be assigned to me? Even after seeing/knowing about a bug do I wait for someone to raise it?
  2. Following deadlines Following deadlines in itself is not a sign of ‘good performance’ that’s what we are ‘supposed’ to do anyways but its considered as good performance if you are given something completely new and you ‘learn and deliver’ or you have a completely untrained team or in any other special scenario.
  3. Commitment / ownership – Accepting the bottom line of any work you do. One of the examples given was if I go on a leave I will ensure that none of my project/customers/work is affected, I will do the needful (without someone telling me) to transfer knowledge and if some urgency happens I will be taking out time from my vacation to help the new/replacement team.
  4. Doing more than what was assigned – Have I worked on projects/tasks which were not part of my regular work? Do I also participate in other activities which do not fall in my job description?
  5. Customer Oriented – Do I always think of what is best for the customer? Do I keep in mind which feature, technology, code will help improve performance and will benefit customer in long run? Do I always point out issues before customer does? Do I get nervous and excited with the customer?
  6. Domain Understanding – At the end of the project do I completely understand the domain?
  7. Knowledge sharing – Am I contributing to company’s body of knowledge? Am I taking sessions or writing articles to share my learning? Am I being approached by team members to solve issues?
  8. Acquiring knowledge – Am I learning only enough to finish the task or at the end of project I am capable of becoming a tech lead for similar technologies?
  9. Homework / spoon-feeding – Am I always finishing my homework before asking for help? Do I ask questions the smart way? Do I need spoon-feeding?
  10. Then there are other good to have skills like general behavior with others, influencing/persuading skills, communication

We also had very interesting discussion on what we think is ‘hard work’.

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