Cheer Your Favourite Team in World Cup 2007

Shyamal Mehta

Cheer My TeamWith a few free days on hand and the ICC Cricket World Cup around the corner, we here at TechJini thought why not make use of the time and create something for the World Cup. Thus CheerMyTeam was born. The features were driven by two factors, 1. We are cricket fans and 2. We wanted to use some libraries/technologies. So after deciding the features, we spent about 4 days creating it. Here is what you can do on the site:

  • Get a widget that you can place on your site/blog to show support for your country (See the widget in action below at the end of this post)
  • Vote for and cheer your favourite team
  • Vote for and cheer your favourite players
  • View latest World Cup public photos from flickr and videos from youtube
  • Take part in discussions
  • View live score (thanks to vcricket)

Thats all we had time for although we wanted to do much much more. After all you cannot do much on a diet of beers and pizzas 😉

The widget (for India) is below. You can get the widget for your country.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/brickbats about the site, please leave a comment.

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