Why Should Businesses Invest In Mobile App Development


It is very evident now-a-days that all businesses have their own Mobile Applications. We see a Mobile App for almost everything we need, like social media platforms, banking, shopping, booking tickets, ordering food, games, schools, universities and the list is never ending. It’s like the World is in one’s pocket! This has been influencing almost every industry to have their own Mobile Application.

According to Google statistics, as of June 2016, there were 2.2 Million available Apps in Google Play store and nearly 2 Billion Apps available in the Apple’s App Store.These figures are a clear indication of how important it is for any business to have their own Mobile App. More than ever, people around the world are undoubtedly using Mobile Apps as opposed to website/desktop browsing. This transition is happening at a very fast pace. Businesses with a mobile app seem to be ahead of those which do not have one for various reasons like:

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1. Customer Relationship– Customers can get in touch with the business at anytime and from anywhere and vice versa. Gradually it leads to a closer relationship between customers and businesses as communicating to each other is at the tip of their fingers. Mobile Apps are handy and can make the reach for the business easier hence improving relationship between customer and business.

2. Affective Relationship & Loyalty– According to a research by Amparo Lasen, mobile phones are part of affective technologies in the sense that people are more emotionally connected to their mobile phones. Lasen says that mobile phones indirectly let one feel the virtual presence of all that is linked to the person through mobile communication. A Mobile App which communicates with a customer through affectively rich content will therefore help build positive relationship and loyalty with the business.

3. Direct Marketing– Businesses can directly reach their target audience/prospective customers and existing customers right where they are. Google research shows that on an average a person checks his/her phone at least once every five minutes. Mobile App push notifications have more views compared to promotional emails. Advertising/marketing products is highly effective through Mobile App communication and increases visibility of the business.

4. Brand Recognition– Having a Mobile App on Android and iOS indirectly creates brand recognition. Because of the increase in usage of Apps for almost everything, customers now expect any business or a brand to have its own Mobile App. Customers tend to find a business/brand more reliable when the brand has its own Mobile App.

5. Value Creation– As a result of customer loyalty, businesses can create trust in the minds of the customers regarding their products or services. It also creates value to the customers which makes them come to them every time. Mobile Apps add value to your business, and can simplify the tasks for customers to reach out to your business. If customers are able to reach you when they need – you win!

6. Global ReachMobile App allows businesses to reach a global audience. This fosters market expansion and creates growth opportunities. Whether you’re in United States or France, your customers can still use your app! Having a global presence brings diversity to your business and helps in expanding it.

Mobile Apps increase customer satisfaction and hence here is a definite increase in profits. If you want your Business to be competitive, have strong presence in the industry and grow in a world dominated by the Mobile world, then it’s essential that you invest on Mobile App Development so you don’t fall behind your competitors.

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