TechJini to host the Mobile Application Developers Meetup in February 2017

TechJini will host the upcoming Mobile Application Developers Meetup. The event is planned in association with Mobile App Developers group. This would be the group’s second meetup in Bangalore.

The meetup at TechJini, Bangalore is scheduled for 11th February 2017. This would be a half-a-day meetup with industry experts teaching how to build apps. Since this would be a hands-on session, attendees can try whatever is taught along with the speaker.

For more details about the event and registration, please visit – Mobile App Developers Meetup.

TechJini has been promoting such meetups which are a great opportunity for technology enthusiasts to lean and interact with each other. The company previously hosted the SwiftBLR meetup in November 2016, which was well received by the attendees. The training materials and videos from the Swift meetup can be downloaded here.

About TechJini:
TechJini specializes in next-gen technologies which include Mobile, Cloud, Internet-of-Things and Big Data services. Leveraging the rapid adoption of mobile, the company has gained considerable traction to become one of the most recognized developers with millions of touch-points daily over both their enterprise and consumer oriented applications. Their mobile apps in particular have routinely featured in the top 100 across all the major app stores and have garnered several million downloads to date.

About Mobile App Developers Bangalore:
If you are interested in mobile app development, the Mobile App Developers group is for you. The meetup covers native mobile application development for Android, iOS and Windows as well as mobile development frameworks and platforms such as Xamarin and Apache Cordova.

Media Contact:
Punit Kumar